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Vaginal mesh was introduced as a treatment for conditions such as urinary stress incontinence and the loosening of pelvic muscles in women, particularly following birth. Similar products, such as bladder slings, were also introduced at the same time. These products were poorly designed and not properly tested, however, and have led to serious pain and complications for women across America.

Nevada Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Trial Lawyer

At Eglet Prince, we understand the painful and serious impact these products have had on countless women and their families. Our trial lawyers are committed to holding the responsible medical device companies accountable for the negligent manner in which their products were sent to market, putting profits above safety.

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Vaginal Mesh Complications

Most vaginal mesh products were designed with materials similar to the hernia mesh for men. Because the design and materials were similar, the manufacturers took advantage of loopholes in testing requirements. Bypassing the necessary testing, these companies failed to find that the material had the potential to damage the female pelvic muscles.

Many women who received the implants have suffered tremendously. Complications include disintegration of the mesh into organs, migration of the mesh to other organs and areas of the body, painful sex, loss of mobility, incontinence and severe pain.

We fight for these women, recovering maximum damages for the unspeakable pain and suffering they have endured from the defective vaginal mesh. While monetary awards cannot reverse the impact this has had on your life, it can help to provide a sense of closure and justice, as well as offering financial support to make the fullest recovery possible.