Product Liability Law Firm in Las Vegas, NV

Product Liability Law Firm in Las Vegas, NV

Product Liability Law Firm in Las Vegas, NVAt The Law Office of Eglet Adams, your local product liability law firm in Las Vegas, NV, we understand that faulty products can cause injuries to consumers in a number of ways. Every day, people fall victim to injuries as the result of products that are either defective or absent of proper warning labels. For an accident victim, it can be unclear on how to move forward or whether there is even a case to pursue.

It’s important that you begin the process as soon as possible and that you consult with a product liability lawyer Las Vegas, NV, residents trust for help in proving your product liability case. 

Start Early

Following an accident, you will surely want some time to breathe. However, it is important that you act as soon as possible with support from our product liability law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chances are you have suffered losses from your accident, and moving forward with your claim can help you to recover damages and compensation for the losses you have suffered. This can include lost wages, medical expenses, etc.

Additionally, your case may be easier to prepare soon after the accident when details are still fresh in your mind and evidence may be more readily available. If you have been injured and are considering pursuing a product liability case, it’s important that you connect with our Las Vegas, NV product liability law firm to take action before the statute of limitations expires. Once the timeframe or statute of limitations passes you by, you may no longer be able to pursue legal action. 

Consult with a Lawyer to Determine Fault

Consulting with a product liability lawyer from The Law Office of Eglet Adams is essential in the wake of an accident involving a defective product. These cases can be incredibly complicated because you will need to determine who is liable for the damages you have suffered. In some cases, there may be multiple parties responsible. We can determine whether you have a case to move forward with and can help you determine which parties should be held responsible for the accident.

When a product is developed, it may pass through a number of hands before the product is finally complete. Because of this, there may be a chain of distribution that involves several different people or entities, such as:

  • The distributor of the product
  • The retailer who sold you the product
  • The manufacturer, which could range in size from a small business operation to a large corporation

As a victim of a defective product, it can feel as though the deck is stacked against you, especially when facing multiple parties that may include large corporations. This is a primary reason you will want to bring your case to the legal professionals at our product liability law firm in Las Vegas. 

Proving Product Liability

In order to successfully gain compensation for your injuries and losses, you will need to prove your product liability case. We can work with you to identify the liable party, gather evidence and strategize your case. Once we have determined that you have a case, we can work with you to ensure that all evidence supporting your claim is preserved.

One of the primary pieces of evidence needed is the defective product itself. You should never turn this over to anyone other than your lawyer. You will need to be able to prove that:

  • The product was defective
  • You were using it as intended
  • You were injured as a result
  • The defective product was the reason for your injuries

It’s important to gather as much evidence as possible in support of your case. This may include:

  • The product itself
  • The date of purchase
  • The chain of distribution
  • Expert testimony
  • Design documents
  • Medical records and expenses
  • Accident reports
  • Photographs of injuries

For help managing your product liability case, contact our NV product liability law firm in Las Vegas to schedule a free consultation with The Law Office of Eglet Adams

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