Product Defect Lawyer, Las Vegas, NV

Product Defect Lawyer, Las Vegas, NVIf you or someone you love has suffered an injury due to a product defect, it is recommended that you consult with a product defect lawyer, Las Vegas, NV residents can count on to achieve maximum damages.

People interact with products every day, when they do, they have a reasonable expectation that the product they are using is safe and free of defects.  Unfortunately, product defects are the cause of thousands of injuries each year. The skilled Las Vegas product defect lawyers at Eglet Adams can work to help you acquire the compensation you need for your injuries and have the liable party correct the product defect before others are injured.

How Can I Bring on a Product Defect Claim?

A product defect is defined as any characteristic of a product which interferes with the purpose it was designed and manufactured for. Injuries from product defects can be sustained due to errors in the marketing, design or manufacturing of a product.

There are no federal product liability laws. Product defect claims are based on state laws. The state of Nevada uses the theory of strict liability regarding product defect cases. This means that a defendant can still be held liable in the absence of negligence or intent to harm in a product defect case. In Nevada in order to claim strict liability for a product defect these elements must be present:

  • The product contained a defect making it unreasonably dangerous
  • The defect existed when the product left the manufacturer
  • The product was used for its intended purpose
  • The defect caused injury or damage to the plaintiff

In addition to bringing a claim on the grounds of strict product liability, a Nevada resident could also bring a product defect claim under breach of warranty, negligence and intentional misrepresentation. A product defect lawyer, Las Vegas, NV, can help determine which legal theories apply to your product defect case and who the claims should be brought against.

Eglet Adams Skilled Product Defect Lawyers

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to a product defect it is important to work with an attorney who has plenty of experience with product defect cases. Product defect cases can be difficult to win due to their complex nature. These types of cases are often brought against large corporate defendants with plenty of resources to fight claims and plaintiffs will likely need to provide expert testimony.

The attorneys at Eglet Adams are skilled product defect attorneys who have obtained some of the largest personal injury verdicts in the country. We have also obtained the three largest catastrophic injury verdicts in Nevada history at  $524 million, $505 million and $186.2 million. Our defective product attorneys are equipped to take cases to trial and have represented clients against large corporate defendants in high-profile product defect and mass tort cases.

Contact Eglet Adams, a product defect lawyer, Las Vegas, NV, as soon as possible so that one of our experienced attorneys can discuss your individual case with you.

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