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Eglet Adams does not use traditional personal injury law firm advertisement methods. Over 90% of our cases are referrals from other lawyers, lawyers who trust and respect our work ethic and case results.

Increase Your Firm's Profit With Little Effort

Rules of Professional Conduct 1.5 (e) allows fee splitting among attorneys. Eglet Adams has paid more than $35 million in referral fees ranging from $1,000 to $2.8 million. Here are some examples of case referral fees:

When you refer injury cases to us, you are doing a great service to your clients and to your firm. We value all of our referral relationships and promptly pay referral fees upon the resolution of a case. Lawyers may not realize they are not allowed to accept a referral fee, but the State Bar of Nevada authorizes lawyers to share fees on a case as long as the client approves the fee sharing arrangement in writing. We at Eglet Adams always comply with all State Bar rules when entering into fee sharing arrangements.

As one of the top plaintiff’s law firms in the nation, Eglet Adams receives a significant number of case referrals annually from other firms, especially high dollar catastrophic injury cases. Why? Our firm’s presence benefits clients by maximizing the value of the case/settlement and, as a consequence, the revenues of the referring lawyer or law firm. We are passionately committed to getting clients what they rightfully deserve after suffering devastating injuries as a result of the negligence of another. Referring catastrophic injury cases to Eglet Adams means that your firm will also benefit from our commitment … and possibly double your income in the process without any additional cost to you.

Success with Eglet Adams

With Eglet Adams’s referral and co-counsel relationships, you choose the level of involvement you want us to have in your case. Whether you want us to handle the case entirely, attend a mediation or to simply consult on the case, you can get much greater returns by working with Eglet Adams.

In certain cases, the wisest thing an attorney can do in a catastrophic injury case is to “even the playing field” by allowing the firm of Eglet Adams (formerly Eglet Wall) to handle the case.

Through the years, several of my clients have been fortunate enough to allow their case to be referred to Mainor Eglet (now known as Eglet Adams) and have always been pleased with the results. In certain years of my practice, the referral fees from the Eglet firms have matched or exceeded the fees earned from all my other cases combined. When you refer a case to Eglet Adams, you need not worry again.

You can be sure the client will get the best representation possible and that all financial matters will be handled with utmost integrity --including the fee-splitting agreement.

Thomas J. Murphrey, Esq.

“Robert Eglet is arguably the best trial attorney in the country and Eglet Adams has a national reputation for consistently obtaining many of the largest verdicts in Nevada and US history.”

Glenn Paternoster
Glenn Paternoster

Expand Profits Without Expanding Your Costs

We can help you evaluate your cases when you get a new client call. We are always available to speak with you and your potential client to discuss case liability and potential damages. Client control problems? We can assist you with that as well. We will give your client a second opinion to assure them of their case value.
  1. Call Eglet Adams to discuss a referral/co-counsel relationship.
  2. Refer your catastrophic injury cases to Eglet Adams. Notify existing and new clients that you can now help them with personal and catastrophic injury cases.
  3. Add personal and catastrophic injury to all marketing and advertising materials including your website.
  4. Refer your personal injury clients directly to Eglet Adams or bring your client in to meet together at the Eglet Adams office.
  5. Review all your personal injury inquiries with an Eglet Adams trial lawyer and enjoy the benefits of working with one of Nevada’s most successful catastrophic injury trial law firms.

Increase your profits with a co-counsel relationship with Eglet Adams

Let us help you evaluate your cases when you get a new client. We will make ourselves available to speak with you and your potential client to discuss case liability and damages. We can assist you with setting client expectations, providing a second opinion on their case. We can assist with upcoming mediation and increase the value of your case simply by bringing us into the mediation for a nominal percentage fee. And we take no fee if the case does not settle at mediation and our work on the case ceases. Case set for trial and worried? Schedule permitting, we take cases as late as the Friday before trial, and at any point in the litigation or claims process. We are also here to help you level the playing field against the insurance companies.

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There are only benefits when referring large catastrophic injury cases to Eglet Adams.
The only risk is not making the referral as your firm spends more resources and money than necessary to take a case.
Increase your revenues with a co-counsel relationship with Eglet Adams and do right by the client at the same time.

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