Defective Product lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Defective Product lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Defective Product lawyer Las Vegas, NV

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a faulty product, it might be time for you to consult with a defective product lawyer from Las Vegas, Nevada at The Law Office of Eglet Adams.

When a consumer uses a product, they assume that the product is safe, unfortunately, defective products are the cause of thousands of injuries each year. Our team can help you obtain compensation for your injuries and can work to have the product defect corrected, preventing future harm to others.

Dangerous and Defective Products

When products that consumers use on a daily basis cause injury, they are considered dangerous and defective. Flawed products that pose a health risk to consumers do not operate as they were intended. These products may have parts that break off, combust when overheated, or lack key safety features. As a defective product lawyer in Las Vegas, NV at The Law Office of Eglet Adams knows all too well, there are many ways that a consumer can get harmed because the designer or manufacturer failed to create a product that is reasonably safe when used properly.

Young Children Choking on Defective Products

Households that have young children may be understandably outraged when their son or daughter is hurt by a product despite it being marketed as safe. Toys are items that can result in a choking hazard because they may contain tiny parts. It is the responsibility of the designer or manufacturer to make toys that are suitable for children of that intended age group. Along with this, there should be a clearly marked safety warning about potential choking risks.

If your young child choked or was otherwise injured because of a faulty toy, a defective product lawyer in Las Vegas can be of support as you seek damages for what happened.

Physical Burns and Electrocution

Adults often use everyday household appliances and tools like toasters, hair dryers, fans, heaters, and more. These items can be quite handy and make our lives much more comfortable. However, if a situation arises where let’s say wiring is exposed and a person plugs it in, he or she may get electrocuted. Appliances that were not made with thought and care may also do things like explode, erupt in flames, or shatter. Products that generate high temperatures could pose a burn risk for consumers using that item. For example, skin that comes in contact with an overly hot pan handle that was advertised as having advanced technology and staying cool, can result in a severe physical burn. A Las Vegas defective product lawyer in NV is likely to suggest pursuing a claim is something like this happened to you or a loved one.

Head Injuries From Lack of Protection

Consumers who ride motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, or bicycles may suffer a head injury if the helmet they were wearing failed to protect them from the impact. A helmet that is ruined in such an accident, may have not provided any support at all. Most people do not test helmets when they buy them, and usually just assume that the manufacturer had responsibly accounted for safety.

If you sustained injury due to a product, safety gear, or tool, then we advise getting legal representation promptly. As a consumer, you do have rights when it comes to purchasing items that are reasonably safe and work as intended without causing harm. Please contact a defective product lawyer in Las Vegas, NV at The Law Office of Eglet Adams at your earliest convenience to book a consultation.

How Defective Product Cases Work

A defective product is defined as a product that is unreasonably dangerous when it is being used for its intended purpose without any alterations or interference. Defective products can cause injuries due to:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing defects

While any product can be defective, some industries are more prevalent in defective product lawsuits. Defective product lawsuits are more likely to be brought against auto manufacturers, makers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturers and industrial equipment manufacturers.

To recover damages from injuries sustained by a defective product, you must be able to prove that

  • The product had an unreasonably dangerous defect
  • The defect caused injury while being used for its intended purpose
  • The product has not been operationally altered from its original state

It is important to note that damages can be limited substantially in a defective product lawsuit if the injured person knew about the defect before using the product or mishandled the product causing injury.

What To Do if You Were Injured

If you’ve been injured by a defective product, you may be wondering what you should do next. It is important to consult with a Nevada defective product lawyer with a sense of urgency. All civil lawsuits have a statute of limitations, meaning that lawsuits need to be brought on in a certain time period. The time period varies depending on what type of lawsuit is being brought. Our team can help you better understand the time limits related to a defective product claim and identify any possibilities for extending deadlines.

Eglet Adams Defective Product Attorneys

Defective product cases can be difficult to win due to most cases being brought against large corporations with the resources to fight the claim. The lawyers at Eglet Adams are equipped to take product defect cases to trial. Litigation can be difficult and expensive, and not every firm has the capacity to successfully try cases. Many will settle early at the disadvantage of the client. Our team has represented numerous clients against large corporate defendants in high-profile product defect cases. Our firm has obtained more multi-million dollar verdicts than any other catastrophic injury firm in Nevada.

We have secured some of the largest product liability verdicts in the country:

  • $524,000,000 in 2013
  • $182,600,000 in 2011
  • $505,100,000 in 2010
  • $41,519,423 in 2007

Contact The Law Office of Eglet Adams, a NV lawyer for defective products today for a free consultation where we can review your individual case and help you decide what to do moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Product Liability

Each year, people succumb to injuries as the result of defective products on the market. When someone is injured from a defective product, they may have the ability of holding the responsible party liable for damages. Product liability cases can be a complicated process, in some cases, victims may find themselves contending with large companies with aggressive legal teams representing them. It’s only natural that you will have a number of questions regarding the process, making it essential that you work with a defective product lawyer in Las Vegas, NV to represent you and protect your rights. 

What is product liability law?

Some personal injury cases involve product liability. This occurs when a person has been injured as a result of a defective product. Companies and manufacturers have a duty of care to produce products that are safe for consumers to use. Product liability law requires that companies who have produced a defective product bear financial responsibility when a product is defective and results in injuries. Essentially, if a victim is injured and has sustained damages from a defective product, they may be able to take legal action to obtain compensation. 

How will I know if I am able to take legal action for product liability?

If you have been injured from a defective product, you may be wondering whether you have a product liability case. Common signs that indicate you should speak with a Las Vegas, NV defective product lawyer about your case include:

  • You were injured
  • You believe your injuries were from a defective product
  • The product was used as intended

To further complicate things, it can be difficult to determine who to be held responsible. A defective product lawyer in Las Vegas, NV  can help by reviewing your case and mapping out the best course of action, in cases with multiple liable parties, your legal team can help simplify the process and strategize your claim. 

How soon should I take action for an accident caused by product liability?

When pursuing a personal injury claim, you will need to take into account the statute of limitations. This is the timeframe you have from the time of injury to take legal action for your damages. This can range depending upon the state you live in, making it important to speak with a product liability lawyer for guidance regarding the statute of limitations. 

When should I talk to a Las Vegas, NV defective product lawyer?

Although the statute of limitations may give you some time to determine how you will move forward, the sooner you take action the better. Speaking with a defective product lawyer in Las Vegas, NV can help determine whether you have a case to move forward with and can help in kicking off the process. 

Cases involving product liability may have left victims and their families facing significant hardships. As a result, victims may be left to face not only physical injuries but also exhorbitant financial losses from missed time away from work and costly medical expenses. 

Hiring a defective product lawyer Las Vegas, NV victims recommend should be your next call if you have suffered injuries from a defective product. Call the Law Office of Eglet Adams to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about how a legal professional can serve you.

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