Product Liability Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Product Liability Lawyer Las Vegas, NevadaProduct Liability Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

When you are looking for a leading product liability lawyer, Las Vegas, NV offers several options, but there is only one like The Law Office of Eglet Adams. For decades, we have been fighting for the rights of individuals and families who were harmed or died as a result of using a product that was not safe – even though it should have been. If you are interested in learning more about whether or not you have the right to file a defective product claim, please call a product liability lawyer Las Vegas, Nevada respects, such as The Law Office of Eglet Adams.

Product Liability in Nevada

Each and every day you will use scores of products without even giving their use a second thought. From the food you eat, the cutlery you prepare your food with, the charger you charge your phone with, the car you drive, the crib you lay your child to sleep in, and every other product that passes through your hands.  Unfortunately, our product liability lawyer serving Las Vegas, NV know that when a product is designed poorly, it is possible that it will harm you. In the event of this happening, you may have the right to pursue monetary damages against the responsible party. This is typically done through filing a product liability claim. Although you can do this on your own, it is not advisable to do so and could result in lost time and money. 

When it comes to liability claims, just as you should not pursue this case on your own, you should also ensure you hire an experienced product liability lawyer Las Vegas, NV residents can count on. In general, these claims are very complex and require ample amounts of time, dedication, and resources to obtain a successful outcome. 

Types of Product Defect Claims

There are several ways in which a product would be considered defective or dangerous. Below are three overarching types of defective products that may warrant the assistance of a product liability lawyer Las Vegas, NV has to offer. 

Manufacturing Defect – In the event of a product being disassembled or created against the initial design, and it results in unsafe use, you may be able to file a manufacturing defect claim. These cases are difficult to prove, but not impossible, especially when you retain a good product liability lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Failure to Warn – As one of the most common types of defective product claims this will involve a product that fails to provide adequate warnings or instructions; particularly those that suggest a possible risk of injury when used – either in a foreseeable or unforeseeable manner. 

Design Defect – If a product has been designed in a way that is unsafe or inherently dangerous, and it was like this from the very start of manufacturing, you may have a design defect claim. It is common for these cases to involve a number of plaintiffs and could be a part of a class action or multidistrict lawsuit. 

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a defective product, or think you have, but are unsure if this is true, you should consult a product liability lawyer Las Vegas, NV residents can rely on; such as, The Law Office of Eglet Adams.

Understanding the Types of Defective Product Liability Claims

If a product you used caused you harm, you may have grounds to file a defective product liability claim with the help of our Las Vegas, NV product liability lawyer from The Law Office of Eglet Adams. There are all manner of defective product claims, but there are three main types. Understanding these types and which one is most applicable in your circumstances can help your chances of getting the settlement you deserve. When our defective product lawyer serving Las Vegas, NV takes a case, one of the first tasks is to determine which category it fits into and on what grounds to base the damage claim. Have your case reviewed at no charge by our product liability lawyer — call our Las Vegas, NV office to schedule a consultation.

The Three Main Types of Defective Product Liability Claims

After a review of your case, our Las Vegas, NV product liability lawyer will determine if it falls into one of the following three categories:

  1. Manufacturing defect.
  2. Design defect.
  3. Failure to adequately warn the consumer of potential hazards in using the product, or provide instructions on how to properly use the product.

Products That Are Defective Due to the Manufacturing Process

Manufacturers are expected to institute a quality assurance system to test their products to ensure they are properly made so that they are not defective or potentially dangerous for consumers. An entire line of products might be defective, or there may only be one or a few that are defective. Our product liability lawyer serving Las Vegas, NV has provided examples of manufacturing defects that could be dangerous for those who use that product:

  • A motorcycle with brakes that are improperly seated which can lead to brake failure.
  • A seatbelt that unfastens while in use could allow the user to get seriously hurt or killed if the vehicle was to stop suddenly or come into unexpected contact with another vehicle.
  •  Canned goods that were not manufactured in a properly sterilized environment could be contaminated with salmonella.

Products That Are Defective Due to its Design

Our Las Vegas, NV trusted product liability lawyer will tell you that when a product is designed with an inherent defect, all of those products that are produced by the manufacturer are likely to be defective. Not all defects are dangerous, but when they are, the manufacturer has the responsibility to pull the products off the shelf and pay damages to those consumers who were injured by it. Our product liability lawyer in Las Vegas, NV can assist you in taking control of your case. Here are some examples of design defects that could be dangerous for those who use that product:

  • Because of the vehicle’s design, a particular make and model of an SUV is subject to rolling over when entering into a curved section of road.
  • A foldable pocket knife’s design allows the blade to unexpectedly close on the user’s finger.

Failure to Adequately Warn the Consumer of Potential Hazards

Manufacturers are required to include written instructions and/or warnings to consumers that explains how the product might be dangerous or hazardous if used incorrectly. Our Las Vegas, NV product liability lawyer has represented consumers who have not been warned and subsequently harmed by the product. We can help you pursue compensation for the damages victims have experienced. 

If you were harmed because of a defective product, contact a Las Vegas product liability lawyer you can trust at The Law Office of Eglet Adams for a free case review.

Filing a Defective Automobile Lawsuit

A vehicle manufacturer may be held liable for injuries caused to an occupant because of a defect or flaw. The design or how the vehicle was created may cause a person’s injury or result in even more severe injury. A product liability lawyer in Las Vegas, NV at the Law Office of Eglet Adams is knowledgeable in the complexities associated with filing a defective automobile lawsuit. We also understand as a car buyer, you put reasonable trust into the creator that the vehicle is safe to operate. When a vehicle defect presents itself, serious harm can be caused to the driver and passengers. 

Examples of Automobile Defects

You may have heard stories about vehicle recalls due to defective airbags, tires, and roofs. While these are common, there are a multitude of ways that a car can malfunction, since it has so many parts that comprise of its whole. A Las Vegas, NV product liability lawyer at the Law Office of Eglet Adams can talk with you more about examples of automobile defects, including: 

  • Seat Belt Failures: the seat belt may have too much slack and not properly restrain a driver or passenger in the event of a collision. If the seatbelt failed to work in a vehicle accident, then those who were injured may be eligible for financial compensation.
  • Door Failures: if the car door system is activated during an accident, the occupant may be tossed out of the vehicle. 
  • Airbag Failures: an airbag that doesn’t employ may cause the occupant to suffer head and/or neck injuries. And on the other extreme, if the airbag deploys with too much force, serious injuries may result. 
  • Fuel System Failures: the car can ignite into flames if the fuel system is poorly designed, otherwise called a post-collision fuel fed fire (PCFFF). 
  • Rollovers: during a rollover, the roof is supposed to support the entire vehicle structure and protect the occupants. Unfortunately, if the roof is made with flaws then it may cave in from the pressure of rolling over. 

How Vehicle Drivers Suffer

Thousands of Americans suffer painful injuries every year due to defective automobiles that failed to ensure their safety. Injuries can include broken bones, whiplash, disfigurement, facial wounds, crushed extremities, nerve damage, deep lacerations, and more. In today’s advanced world, there is no reason why vehicle designers and manufacturers should cut corners when it comes to building a safe car. The technology is available and must be used to protect those who occupy its interior. If you or someone you love was harmed or their injuries were worse because of an automobile defect or flaw, then now is the time to take action with help from a Las Vegas, NV product liability lawyer at the Law Office of Eglet Adams. We can help you recover losses and damages, while seeking a strong sense of justice for what happened. Whether it’s a large vehicle corporation or retailer who was responsible for the flaw, we will do whatever is within our power to hold them accountable. 

Please call us to reserve your free initial consultation with product liability lawyer Las Vegas, NV victims trust at the Law Office of Eglet Adams today.

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