Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

It’s oftentimes one of the first things people ask when they file a personal injury suit with their attorney: Am I going to have to go to trial? While some are excited at the prospect (imagining it to be like it is on TV) others are justifiably nervous and apprehensive about going to court with their case.

However, the truth of the matter is somewhat more complex, and the answer is that while sometimes trials are necessary, the vast majority of lawsuits are settled outside of a courtroom. Let’s examine how personal injury cases work, how your attorney will proceed, and why the answer to “will my personal injury case go to trial?” is usually…no.

Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

Many people procrastinate filing personal injury cases because they’re wracked with the question, “Will my personal injury case go to trial?” They’re afraid of taking on big insurance companies, pursuing difficult claims, and/or having their dirty laundry aired out in court. These are justifiable concerns, but fortunately, personal injury lawsuits are the kind of cases that rarely make it all the way to trial.

Litigation Can Be Expensive

Court can cost a lot of money, and not just for the plaintiff, the person filing the case. It can also be a very expensive process for the defendant as well. Costs can include filing motions, taking depositions, securing expert witnesses, and if need be, going to trial. There are court fees, attorneys fees, and legal fees, all of which stack up — and sometimes can rival any potential settlement.

Negotiation is Less Adversarial

A trial is a fight. There’s no doubt about it. You’re going at it tooth and nail to get what you want, and the other side is doing the same to avoid paying.. However, negotiating your case outside of a courtroom setting may be an avenue to resolving your case. Whether its mediation or arbitration, negotiation sits you down, face-to-face, allowing for a more civil means of discourse.

When Trial is Necessary

Sometimes, trials are necessary. That’s why in any personal injury case, it’s vital to have a qualified attorney in your corner from the moment you file a lawsuit and, if necessary, all the way to trial. The right Nevada injury lawyer will help you to fight your case, defend your rights, and give you the best chance at a significant settlement. If you need help or advice in your injury suit, call Eglet Prince for help today!