Defective Product Liability Law

Defective Product Liability Law
Product Liability Involving Dangerous Products

A new Senate Bill, SB 161, recently introduced into the Nevada Legislature is raising a lot of concern for Nevadans. This new measure would limit an injured person’s rights to hold the seller of dangerous products accountable. If this new government regulation passes, it threatens our constitutional right to legal recourse when injured by a defective product, hindering our ability to protect ourselves and our family.

All too often we hear stories in the news about dangerous products that cause injuries, and at times even deaths — everything from dangerous baby cribs and children’s pajamas to faulty car transmissions and problems with airbags. The list of defective products and recalls is a long one and oftentimes no action is taken to correct the problem until there is a personal injury lawsuit and the case is in front of a jury awarding the victim’s damages.

Instead of ensuring that victims can take appropriate legal action and go through the discovery process when these horrible instances occur, SB 161 actually hinders our constitutional right to take legal action in these cases.

Personal Injury and Protecting Your Rights

Eglet Law’s Senior Partner, Robert Eglet, has been at our state’s capitol in Carson City working diligently to protect and preserve our rights. If you would like more information on this bill and how you can help by emailing our state legislators to please vote NO on SB 161