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Accidents Happen Often

Las Vegas accident lawyers

Personal injury accidents will impact every aspect of an individual’s life and can have temporary or permanent consequences. At Eglet Adams, our accident lawyers in Las Vegas, NV work on many accident cases which gives us some of the most significant experiences and resources in this area of law. When most people talk about accidents and law, they tend to think of car accidents as being the central area of focus. But accidents happen, sometimes in the most random situations

Types of Accidents That Our Las Vegas Accident Lawyers Take On

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is a city with an incredibly busy and bustling environment. With so many people moving around the roads, it’s easy to see how accidents happen.

  •     Car Accidents

We start with one of the most common, car accidents. Tens of thousands of roadway accidents happen every year in America and while some result in just minor fender benders while others are more tragic. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to experience an injury from an event such as this. Sometimes, accidents are significant, forever changing someone’s life or the life of their family. No matter how minor the crash might be, the Las Vegas accident lawyers welcome your questions at Eglet Adams law office to ensure you are compensated in the event of negligence.

  •     Motorcycle Accidents

Accidents involving motorcycles might seem like they are similar to car accidents, but they are dramatically different. This is because drivers must always yield to motorcycles and when injured, the injuries tend to be more consequential. More times than not sadly, they are deadly. If you, or someone you love, have been in a motorcycle accident, consider working with the seasoned accident lawyers in Las Vegas at Eglet Adams Law.

  •     Truck Accidents

When we talk about truck accents, we are talking more about the kind of industrial or commercial vehicles we share the roadway with. Like motorcycle accidents, these differ a great deal from accidents in passenger cars. Commercial drivers have particular guidelines, rules, and regulations to follow and drivers have to carry specific accident insurance. We urge you to work quickly with a Las Vegas accident lawyer if you’ve been involved in a large truck accident. These cases have statutes of limitations and data tends to “go missing” if these cases are pursued with a decent amount of pressure.

  •     Random Accidents

These accidents cover the most random and strange events that can take place while you’re simply going about your day. Some examples of these would be walking under scaffolding that suddenly falls on you, getting hit by a cyclist while walking on the sidewalk, getting hit with a motorized scooter, getting injured at an improperly marked construction area, etc. We all do our best to avoid dangerous situations, but sometimes, dangerous situations happen to us. We have seen some extraordinary occurrences, so please reach out to a Las Vegas, NV accident lawyer to see if your case may be the result of negligence.

How can an accident lawyer help?

If you have been injured in an accident of some sort, the Las Vegas accident law firm, Eglet Adams, would be happy to hear the details of your case. No matter where you might be in the claims process, we encourage you to connect with an accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV to ensure that you’re getting the best legal representation possible.

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