Product Liability FAQ


After falling victim to an unsafe product or drug, many people are left with a number of questions regarding product liability. Learn more information in this Product Liability FAQ:

What is the Food and Drug Administration, and how did it let this happen?

The FDA is not a government agency. Because of this, there is insufficient funding for the FDA to conduct any of the actual research on drugs and products being released. Companies and the drug industry have a lot of control in the matter. The FDA allows them to conduct their own research and submit it for approval. Little is done to regulate these drugs until reports of adverse effects or side effects come forward.

Why was there a recall a year ago, and I didn’t hear about it?

People often are not notified of recalls, even if they are currently taking the drugs being recalled. Doctors may not alert their patients, and drug companies rarely release any more information than absolutely necessary. In fact, many companies invest money in public relations efforts to cover up negative publicity.

Why didn’t the FDA or my doctors protect me? Why didn’t someone tell me about the problem?

Like every other industry, the medical industry is driven by money. Drug manufacturers, hospitals, and healthcare providers all make a profit in the process of treating their patients. There are remarkably few safeguards in place to protect patients and consumers because companies are provided leeway to put profits over public safety.

Am I the only one? What can I do to help others?

Since these companies are most motivated by money, one of the best ways to help ensure that others are not harmed is to hold them financially accountable for the pain they have caused you. The more people seeking financial compensation, the more the profitability of the drug is cut, creating a deterrent from releasing dangerous drugs in the future.

Do I have a case?

To learn if you have a case against the drug companies, contact a knowledgeable product liability and catastrophic injury trial lawyer at our Las Vegas, Nevada, law firm today at 702-450-5400 or 800-450-5406 toll-free.

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