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Seat belts are required in vehicles to protect drivers and their passengers, preventing them from injury in case of impact. The safety belt systems are standardized to ensure safety. When the seat belt system fails to perform to these standards or is defective in some way, preventable and serious injury can occur.

Nevada Seat Belt Defect Trial Lawyer

At Eglet Prince, our trial lawyers fight for individuals who have been injured due to seat belt failure. We will assess the nature of the accident and build a case against the negligent manufacturer or company that allowed a defective seat belt into the car.

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Reasons For Seat Belt Failure

Seat belt defect can include a range of issues from the quality of the materials to their ability to function properly. The webbing used in the belts must be up to standard, free of the chance of tearing or ripping.

A seat belt may seem to latch but not have sufficient hold, letting go under force or in a car accident. Also, the retractor feature of the belt may fail, not holding the individual when it should lock down. Other designs in the seat belt system can lead to injury. In other instances, when the belt should give, it might fail to do so, cutting into the individual.

Additionally, there may be greater design issues with the car which limit the effectiveness of the belt in case of impact, roof crush or other unacceptable defects may occur.

We will closely evaluate the accident and how the belt should have responded to protect you. We pursue these cases against automobile manufacturers who are responsible to protect drivers and their passengers.