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Manufacturers and companies have a responsibility to produce equipment, machinery and products that are safe for those using them and those in the vicinity. Metal fatigue is one of the most common causes of product failure. This can include heavy machinery, ladders, cars and trucks, cranes, appliances and any other system.

Nevada Metal Defect Trial Lawyer

At Eglet Prince, our trial lawyers work with an extensive network of knowledgeable experts to fully assess the failed product, its design and the manner in which it was manufactured. We are able to identify crucial errors that should have been correct for the safety of others.

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Las Vegas Metal Fatigue Trial Lawyer

Metal fatigue can play a critical role in most design defect and product failure. There are two main underlying issues: design issues and manufacturing issues. Design defects occur when the design of the product fails to match industry standards and similar products on the market. Manufacturing issues cover all instances where the manufacturing process failed to create a product according to the spec that was safe for consumers.

Metal fatigue often contributes to both of these failures. Whether the design did not account for the metallurgical properties of the material used or the manufacturing process compromised the material, there are serious questions that must be answered. These issues can lead to cracks or compromise of the material, causing an accident.

If you have been harmed, we can provide the analysis and reports needed to demonstrate the cause of the failure and its impact on you and other victims, recovering maximum damages.