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It is the responsibility of pharmaceutical companies to provide drugs that are thoroughly tested and found to be safe for any patients who might take them. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates these drugs, drug companies often abuse loopholes in the system, which allow them to rush a drug to market. Placing a priority on profits over the safety of patients, these companies risk the health of the user by cutting corners and bypassing safety precautions.

Nevada Drug Recall Trial Lawyer

Drug defect cases against major pharmaceutical companies can be difficult to pursue, and without skilled legal representation you may not recover all if any compensation that you deserve. At Eglet Prince, we handle large catastrophic injury and civil litigation cases including defective products. We put our experience and capable representation to work on your behalf, recovering maximum damages and a sense of closure for the pain you have experienced.

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Las Vegas Dangerous Drug Trial Lawyer

In recent years, common drugs that have been reported to cause side effects and other complications include:

The drug companies had a responsibility to warn doctors and patients of the potential harm and side effects of these drugs. Failure to do so has affected patients across the country with side effects including heart defects in babies, blood clots, cancer, heart failure and many other devastating conditions. Many of these drugs have been recalled or taken off the market. The long-term effects remain, however, for those who took the drugs and experienced serious side effects.

The handling of these cases can be complicated, and you need an attorney that is equipped to take them. At Eglet Prince, our team of trial lawyers will review the details and medical records of your case, providing an honest evaluation of its viability. If you have a case, we will mobilize to pursue maximum damages on your behalf.