Las Vegas New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for a Safe and Happy 2016

It’s that time again when we resolve to be a better version of ourselves next year by making New Year’s resolutions. On average, 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions with only 8% actually reaching their goal(s).

The typical list of New Year’s resolutions often includes goals like: working out more, staying fit and healthy, losing weight, quitting smoking, spending less and save more, etcWhy doesn’t anyone usually put “work harder to stay safer” or “help make our community safer”? Imagine if we all had this on our list what the impact could be.

Resolve to Stay Safe in 2016

How about this year we add a resolution to stay safe and make our community safer, especially on our roadways. It’s not normally something on a New Year’s resolution list, but with focus and determination positive results are achievable. And wouldn’t it be nice to finally see a resolution through to the end? Since we all have to share the road, why not add this to our list for 2016. It’s something the whole community can engage in and we can do our individual parts to help reduce the number of accidents and fatalities we’ve been experiencing too much of lately in the Las Vegas valley.

Resolutions for Making A Difference and Transforming Lives

In an effort to dramatically reduce the number of accidents on our roadways, for motorists and pedestrians alike, here are some Las Vegas New Year’s Resolutions (TRANSFORMING LIVES) for a safe 2016.

T – Take Time to Buckle Up. Using your seat-belt could save your life. 

R – Red Light Running Needs to Stop. Don’t be tempted by this unsafe driving practice. It can be fatal.

A – Always Wear Helmets and Safety Gear. For motorcyclists and bicyclists, this can save your life.

N – Nighttime Calls for Brighter Clothes. If you must be out as a pedestrian at night, think about wearing brighter clothes for better visibility. This is a good rule for bicyclists too.

S – Slow Down. There is never a real need to speed to a destination. It’s about getting there safely, not how fast you arrive.

F – Focus on the Road! Never drive distracted, drunk or impaired. Focusing and paying attention also applies to pedestrians who should be aware of their environment, especially at dusk/night and in the midst of high-traffic areas. 

O – Obey Traffic Laws. Knowing and following the Nevada traffic laws helps create a safer roadway environment.

R – Road Conditions May Warrant Slower Speeds. There may be inclement weather, road construction or other hazardous conditions. Slow down, why risk it?

M – Motorcycle Safety. Motorcyclists and other motor vehicle drivers should share the road responsibly with each other and know Nevada traffic laws. 

I – Intersections and Crosswalks Demand Your Attention. Yield to pedestrians and be alert to oncoming cars, especially in dangerous intersections.

N – No Jaywalking! Pedestrian safety continues to be a critical issue. Never assume just because you have the right of way you can always cross safely. A vehicle will win in that situation, even if they’re in the wrong.

G – Give Right of Way to Pedestrians. By law, they have the right of way.

LLas Vegas Strip Safety. This corridor experiences heavy foot and motor traffic throughout the year. Be safe in and around The Strip with these safety tips.

IImpaired Driving. Don’t drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

VVehicle Repair and Maintenance is a Must. Proper maintenance is important as well as being aware of possible auto recalls and product defects that may affect your vehicle(s).

EEmergency Vehicles Have Right of Way. As a driver in Nevada, you have certain duties when it comes to emergency vehicles.

SSchool Zone Safety. Stay alert at school zones, school crossing zones and school bus stops.

Transformation takes commitment. In the end if we pull together, we can help our beautiful city stay a lot safer this year and not become a sad statistic. We can all make a difference in our efforts to spread awareness, embrace safe practices on our roadways and help save lives. In the event that an unfortunate accident does occur, know that there is hope and you have options. At Eglet Prince we’ve had a phenomenal 2015 and we’re grateful for all our legal team members, clients and colleagues. As the New Year unfolds, we’ll remain committed to serving our community, fighting for justice and transforming lives.

Have a happy, healthy and safe New Year!