No Worries with Street Smart Vegas

New App from Eglet Prince Offers a Safer Las Vegas

Eglet Prince personal injury law firm is striving to make Las Vegas a safer place for all, not only by providing exceptional legal representation, but through outreach programs, philanthropic participation and contributions.

In an effort to keep Las Vegas safer for residents and guests, Eglet Prince has rolled out a free mobile app called Street Smart Las Vegas. The firm strives to continue to give back and make a difference in the community. This new app is an essential toolkit loaded with resources and information, helping all roadway users stay safer in the streets of Las Vegas.

Street Smart Vegas includes features designed to be informative, functional and user-friendly. Drivers have enough distractions, so special emphasis has been placed on making Street Smart a hands-free operation so as not to create another one. Street Smart uses audio alerts in its push notifications when warning drivers of potential dangers or hazardous road conditions.

According to Robert Eglet, senior partner of Eglet Prince, “We see the effects of auto accidents every day: injury, emotional distress, loss of income, legal issues that can disrupt your life for years. The effects can be devastating. We think Street Smart Vegas will help make driving, cycling and even walking in Las Vegas a little bit safer.”

Key Features of the Street Smart Vegas Mobile App:

Street Smart Vegas App

  • Intersections and Road Hazard Alerts: Based on Las Vegas traffic and accident statistics, this feature will automatically send an audible alert to drivers when they are approaching a dangerous intersection or upcoming road hazard. This way drivers can safely navigate along their journey or pursue an alternate route. Per Mr. Eglet, “we’ve researched local government and press sources to identify where accidents were happening on Las Vegas Valley roads and with what frequency…after a while, clear patterns developed and we were able to identify the most dangerous intersections and other stretches of Valley roads. This valuable information is the basis of Street Smart Vegas.”
  • Where’s My Car? Locator: Uses GPS technology to note where you parked. Imagine never losing your car again in a crowded lot or because you forgot where you parked it.
  • Accident Assistance: Helps relieve some stress in the unfortunate event of an accident as it walks you through the necessary steps you need to follow to help protect your legal rights. This feature:

– Lists the procedure to follow in the event of an accident

– Provides the latest DMV accident forms you can fill out and store in the app

– Allows you to take and store accident photos in the app

– Includes a how-to video which walks you through the steps to take in an accident

– Provides a list of the nearest hospitals in the event of an injury

  • Car Safety Checks: In order to drive safely, your car must be a safe, well-maintained vehicle. Find local dealerships for car safety checks to ensure your car is in tip-top shape.
Download Free Mobile App

With the release of Eglet Prince law firm’s new Street Smart Vegas app, now drivers, pedestrians and cyclists can navigate the streets of Las Vegas smarter and safer. The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android smartphone operating systems and can be used by both local residents and visitors while in Las Vegas.

To take advantage of this FREE app and invaluable resource, click the appropriate link below and download from your smartphone. Share with your friends, family and colleagues to stay in the know! #StreetSmartVegas