What to Do When You Are Injured at a Casino

While pursuing a personal injury claim will almost always be a complex process, seeking compensation for when you are seriously injured at a casino can be even more daunting.
Casinos are no stranger to the legal process, after all. Their activities require compliance with thousands of pages worth of regulation and legal red tape. Should an injury occur on their property, their staff will likely be very well trained to handle the incident, although not necessarily in a way that favors the victim’s chance of recovering fair compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering and other losses.

To increase your odds of getting the compensation for your casino injury that you deserve, solicit the help of an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney while abiding by the following house rules:

Always Notify Staff When You Are Injured at a Casino

Keeping your injury a secret is no way to increase the chances of your claim’s success. The casino staff will need to be given the chance to address your injury or at least become aware of its existence. This early notification also serves as an important first step in pursuing a claim.

After you are injured, you will need professional medical attention. If the casino offers you first aid from a trained medical professional or assistance in reaching one, you should either accept or explain your alternative choice clearly. Otherwise, a refusal of aid may allow them to argue that your injuries were not severe enough to warrant immediate attention.

Provide a Report of Your Injury Incident

The casino staff will also require a report of your injury, which you should provide them in most circumstances.

Provide them all of the details possible about the injury incident, and be wary of leaving out details or stating things in ways that could be construed contrarily to the actual facts. Casinos have hundreds of cameras pointed throughout the floor, so if you leave out blanks in your story or invite the chance for them to allege inconsistencies, they may be able to present the more compelling evidence to a judge or jury.

Do not agree to statements that are not clear to yourself, such as responding “yes” to “can you move your injured ankle freely?” If this information contradicts later medical findings, the staff will once again have more information at their disposal to dispute your claim no matter how confused or distressed you were at the time.

Soliciting the help of witnesses to your accident will also provide the added perspective you need to support your story, especially since eye-level accounts may differ from above-the-floor camera angles.

Seek Medical Attention and the Help of a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

If you are able to contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer at the time of your casino accident, you may be able to benefit from their help early on in the process. Otherwise, you will need to contact one as soon as possible while also seeking the needed medical attention.

Request that your doctor perform a detailed evaluation of your condition while documenting all temporary disabilities and pain. The more complete the medical information provided is, the more concrete the extent of your injury will be to a judge or jury.

Remember that casino staff will want to provide quality care to guests but also protect themselves from any unnecessary liability. Since you will want the maximum compensation for your injury for which you are allowed, following the above advice and seeking representation from a Las Vegas personal injury attorney can all potentially enhance your ability to obtain it.