Top 3 Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Avoid Paying Claims

When you get hurt in any sort of accident, it’s only fair that the person responsible for your injury should pay for the damages you’ve suffered. Unfortunately, it’s rarely that easy and all-too-few people step up to the plate and take responsibility.

This goes double for insurance companies, who don’t make money by paying it out. They’ll use any tactic imaginable to avoid paying your claim, even sometimes resorting to outright bullying. Learn about the top three tricks insurance companies use to avoid paying claims, and how the right personal injury lawyer can hold them accountable.

Insurance Companies and Accidents

The first thing that’s important to remember is that insurance companies are businesses and they’re out to make a profit. This means they’ll go to great lengths to avoid paying out huge sums of money, as the more they pay, the less they profit. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Knowing the tactics used by insurance companies and accidents to avoid payment can give you a solid line of defense in your initial dealings.

You Need to Give a Statement

Pressuring you to give a statement is one very common tactic. They’ll claim that giving them a detailed statement about your injuries and damages are either required to get any payment at all, or that it’ll speed up the process. The truth is, they’re trying to catch you while you’re confused and upset and get you to make a mistake like admitting partial fault, or offering a confusing account of the accident that they can later use to deny your claim.

While you may be required to report an incident to your insurance company within a certain timeframe, you’re not required to give anything other than the basic facts. You’re also not required to talk to the other party’s insurer at all.

The False Sympathy Tactic

Many insurance companies will try to pretend that they’re on your side, just trying to help you and get you as much as they can as fast as they can. This is all designed to put you at ease, engender a sense of trust, and get you to sign off on a lower offer than you’re entitled to receive. They may even send you a check—don’t cash it! Cashing a check that you haven’t agreed to receive can represent you accepting a lowball offer.

They might also use these tactics — even checking up to see if you’re okay — to drag things out until the statute of limitations to file suit expires. The insurance company’s job is to pay for your damages, but make no mistake: that doesn’t put them on your side at all.

Social Media Stalking

The insurance company might follow your social media accounts to see if they can catch you saying anything that can discredit your claim. Never talk about an accident you receive publicly online, and be careful about posting anything at all while pursuing your case.

Your best bet to receive a sizable compensation is to work with a qualified personal injury lawyer like those at Eglet Prince Law in Las Vegas. For years we’ve dealt with insurance companies and accidents, battled against non-payment tactics, and gotten significant settlements for our clients. If you’re injured and need help, give us a call today.