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Construction Zone Sites
Accident Risks in Construction Zones

If you are out there driving around Las Vegas, you have undoubtedly seen a number of orange cones signaling construction work ahead. Las Vegas and other parts of Southern Nevada are experiencing quite an influx of construction projects which is creating detours, more traffic, and often extra time tacked on to our drives. On the positive side, one could look at it as a sign of progress and growth in our city, however, there’s no doubt these construction areas, traffic jams, and longer drives can get a bit frustrating not to mention increase potential accident risks.

Dangerous Construction Areas

Of course there are risks for construction workers, in fact “OSHA consistently ranks construction at the top of hazardous professions.” However, it is not uncommon for individuals, pedestrians, and/or drivers to be injured as a result of construction zone accidents as well. Oftentimes you find drivers rushing and speeding past these construction zones in an effort to get around them and continue their drive. At times, the safety issue is in the condition of the road or area being worked on, like uneven pavement, potholes, equipment in the street or machinery not properly placed, etc. Pedestrians can also be at risk for example when walking through or around an area where there is building construction taking place. Injuries occurring at construction sites happen for a number of reasons from improper marking or signage of road construction to equipment and other failures, such as a crane drop or other hazard extending beyond the construction zone.

Construction Work Zone Accidents

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) reports that “work zone crashes claim three lives every day in the U.S.” and they stress the point that “work zones are there to improve the roads that we all drive on. They are no place for impatient or aggressive driving. The signs and other directions given at work zones are intended to get you, your family and other motorists around you to your destination safely.”

How to Drive Safely Around Construction – Planning and Resources

We all share the roads and the responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe while driving. Even during frustrating times of building booms and road construction, plan ahead before you drive to your destination. In fact, the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) along with other local government officials have developed a “Seeing Orange” program to answer many questions that residents have about construction work zones and to provide a resource for obtaining current construction information to help plan your commute or drive around town.

The NDOT also has a website to get information on the current roadwork and construction happening throughout Nevada as well as the NDOT Southern Nevada Road Construction report to get additional information on the current projects and improvements going on in the area.

Please remember, drive undistracted, drive safely and responsibly, and plan ahead for delays during the heavy construction and road work times here in Southern Nevada.