Renewed Focus on Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Death Toll Hits Record High in Nevada

Nevada roadway fatalities this year have reached more than 311 with Clark County’s death toll at 198. This is an almost 16% percent increase over 2014. In addition, Clark County has now hit the all-time record set in 2013 with more than 54 pedestrians killed this year. The unfortunate part, the year is not over. The busy holiday season is upon us and is usually the most deadly time of the year.

After the recent tragedy on the Las Vegas Strip last week where a young woman allegedly drove up a sidewalk intentionally plowing into pedestrians, killing one and injuring dozens more, Clark County and Metro Police are renewing their focus on pedestrian safety and so should we.

Many traffic-related deaths result from avoidable actions, risky habits and illegal practices: drivers red light running, failing to wear a seatbelt, excessive speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving and walking outside of crosswalks or crossing at the wrong time. Therefore, authorities continue to build awareness, hoping that education and common sense for both motorists and pedestrians can help prevent further increases in an already high death toll this year.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) have also increased their efforts to rein in dangerous driving habits by increasing awareness and safety efforts. For example, they’re handing out fliers on traffic safety and safe driving habits to area residents along Boulder Highway, one of the valley’s most dangerous roadways. Various projects are also in the works which include improvements to pedestrian bridges on The Strip.

It can be difficult to get people to change their unsafe driving behaviors. What the local authorities aim for are no deaths and the Zero Fatalities campaign is all about eliminating fatalities on our roadways. Learn more from the Nevada Department of Public Safety & Transportation’s Zero Fatalities Nevada website. 

Quick Reminders to Help Pedestrians and Drivers Avoid Accidents

Pedestrians and motorists can do their part in order to help prevent accidents from happening.

3 Pedestrian Safety Tips:
  1. Use intersections and crosswalks! Don’t jaywalk. Never assume just because you have the right of way you can always cross safely. This mindset could put you in unnecessary danger, as a vehicle will win in that situation, even if they’re in the wrong.
  2. Make eye contact with drivers. Look at oncoming drivers to be sure they are paying attention. Distracted drivers are a big issue on our Las Vegas Valley roads.
  3. Avoid high-risk dangerous intersections when possible. Many motorists often just look for cars, not pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcycles. So be extra careful if you must cross at dangerous intersections.
3 Motorist Safety Tips:
  1. Speed and road conditions. Obey speed limits and know when conditions warrant slower speeds.
  2. Intersections and crosswalks. Yield to pedestrians, please. By law, they have the right of way.
  3. Pay attention. Don’t drive distracted. Focus on the road. At the last minute, you may spot a pedestrian, so slow down.