Evidence to Help You Win Your Car Accident Case

Following a car accident, you have a lot of things on your mind, including how you are going to recover from the effects of your wreck. However, one of the most important things you can do after a car accident is to gather evidence. In order to prove your insurance claim, or to win a possible legal case, you’ll need the right evidence at your disposal.
Unfortunately, because car accidents are so sudden and stressful, many people neglect to collect evidence and may not even know what they should be looking for. Here are a few tips for gathering evidence after a car accident and advice on when you should consult a car accident lawyer for help.

Pictures and Videos

In the past, documenting the scene of an accident was almost impossible. However, thanks to the ubiquity of camera phones, it’s easier than ever before to get the evidence that you need to prove your case.

As soon as you’ve verified the safety of everyone involved in your accident, you should take out your cell phone and record the scene of the accident as fully as possible, taking both pictures and videos. Make sure to note anything that may be important to your case later on, including the weather and condition of the road.

Having picture and video evidence will go a long way towards proving your claim and will shorten the time it takes for you to get your settlement.

Eye Witness Accounts

Almost every accident is accompanied by some amount of bystanders and Good Samaritans, and both of these groups provide an opportunity to get the evidence you’ll need to win your claim.
Talk to any eyewitnesses of your case and record their recollections of the wreck, particularly those that speak to the fault of the other driver. Additionally, you should make sure to take down their contact information so that you can get in touch with them later on should your claim eventually go to trial.

Eyewitness testimony can be very useful in a legal setting, which is why it’s important to record these accounts while they’re fresh in their memory.

Accident Reports and Police Documentation

Finally, if a police officer recorded the circumstances of your accident, the police report that resulted from your wreck can be the evidence you need to win your case. Typically, an initial police report won’t have an indication of fault. However, it will contain concrete facts about your accident, providing you an invaluable resource when proving the circumstances of your case.

Similarly, try to get copies of any other documentation related to your accident, including medical bills and damage estimates. Fully documenting the facts of your case will make things easier for you when trying to get your settlement.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, even with a substantial amount of evidence, it’s possible that your insurance claim will be denied. In these circumstances, you need to work with a dedicated car accident lawyer from the team at Eglet Prince.

We have the experience and legal knowledge necessary to fight for your claim so that you can focus on recovering from your accident. Contact us today so that we can start working for you.