Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Bike Accident

Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Bike Accident

Bicycle Accident Attorney

Any vehicle accident can cause injuries, but when the victim is riding a bicycle, those injuries are often severe – or can even be fatal. A bike offers a rider no protection and they are usually thrown from the bike upon impact or end up in the front of the vehicle that hits them. This is why it is critical for cyclists to do all they can to stay safe, but if an accident has occurred, consider consulting with a bicycle accident attorney to find out what legal options you have.

What are some common types of scenarios that result in bike accidents?

Open door: This is one of the most common types of bike accidents. An open door situation occurs when the driver or passenger of a vehicle parked at a curb opens the door of the vehicle into the path of an oncoming bicycle. The cyclist can be injured in several ways in this scenario:

  • The cyclist drives the bike right into the door and gets thrown from the bike.
  • The cyclist is knocked off the bike when it gets hit by the vehicle door.
  • The cyclist swerves to avoid the opening door and is hit by another vehicle or falls off the bike.

Right hook: When a vehicle attempts to take a right turn and cuts off the cyclist who is traveling next to them in the same direction, the cyclist often ends up with serious injuries.

Left cross: Cyclists are required to obey the same rules of the road as vehicle drivers. They also have the same right-of-way that vehicle drivers do. A left cross occurs when a bike and vehicle are traveling in opposite directions and the vehicle driver takes a left turn, cutting off the cyclist.

Rear end: When drivers fail to follow the three-second rule of keeping at least three seconds of distance between their vehicle and the vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle in front of them, they substantially increase the risk of causing a rear-end accident. 

What are some safety tips that cyclists should follow to help minimize their risk of being involved in a bike accident?

  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Use hand signals to alert vehicle drivers of your intention to turn
  • Ride in the same direction as the traffic flow
  • Make sure to remain out of vehicles’ blind spots
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all time
  • Expand your field of vision by installing rear view mirrors
  • Avoid riding at night, if possible
  • If you do ride at night, make sure you install lights on your bike
  • Wear brightly-colored and protective clothing
  • Always wear a helmet

What are the most common types of injuries that bike accident victims sustain?

Head injuries are one of the most common injuries that cyclists suffer in bike accidents. This is why it is critical to always wear that helmet. Head injuries can include minor concussions all the way to severe brain injuries which can cause cognitive issues, memory loss, motor function problems, vision problems, and issues with balance.

Fractured bones are another common bike accident injury and are often so severe that they require surgery in order to heal correctly. Surgery is often followed by months of physical therapy and rehab.

Injuries to the neck and spinal cord are also common and in many cases, the victim is left paralyzed because the injury is so severe.

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If you have been injured in a bike accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses. Keep in mind, however, that accident claims do have a statute of limitation for how long a victim has to file. Once that timeframe expires, so too does the victim’s ability to take legal action against the party responsible for their injuries. Make sure you speak with a lawyer who is skilled and knowledgeable in personal injury. Call an experienced attorney, like a bicycle accident attorney from a law firm like Yearin Law Office.