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Clark County Boat Injury Trial Lawyer

One of the most difficult things for many boat accident victims and their families is that boat accidents often happen when least expected. People start out for a day of fun in places like Lake Mead or Lake Havasu, but experience serious accidents that change their lives forever.

At Eglet Prince, in Las Vegas, we represent boat accident victims and are well equipped to achieve the best possible results. We take more cases to trial than any other law firm in Nevada. Our successes include hundreds of millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements for personal injury victims and the surviving families of people killed in accidents of all kinds. If you have been harmed in a boat accident, we may be able to help you too.

Our experienced team of trial lawyers, paralegals and support staff handles boat accidents related to many different circumstances, including the ones listed below:

  • Explosions and fires on boats
  • Carbon monoxide exposure
  • Boat accidents caused by drunk driving
  • Accidental drowning

In boat accident cases, we often discover that product defects are to blame. We file product liability lawsuits that hold boat manufacturers and distributors accountable for the harm caused.

Trial Lawyers Who Know The Medicine Behind Personal Injury Cases

Many of the boat accident cases we handle involve people who suffered serious injuries, such as brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. We have achieved consistent, favorable results for these clients. One reason for this is our in-depth knowledge of the medicine behind personal injury cases, which was developed over decades of trial work.

Because we know the medicine, we know when doctors’ testimonies just don’t add up. When defendants call doctors to the witness stand, we listen to what they say in court about treatment, anatomy or surgeries, and then we ask them our own questions. Often, juries realize that they’re not getting the full story from defendants. The jury sides with our clients and award them the compensation that will help them move forward with their lives after a serious personal injury.

We have a registered nurse on staff who helps us screen cases and review medical records. When needed, we also have access to a network of physicians who can lend their in-depth perspectives to personal injury cases. We routinely communicate with our clients’ own doctors as well. By working with these medical professionals, we build a complete picture of our clients’ injuries and how those injuries have affected their lives.

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