Tire tread separation lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Tire tread separation lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Our tire tread separation lawyer Las Vegas, NV offers from Eglet Adams knows that when you have been in an accident and believe that there was a problem with your tired tread, it could be the result of a manufacturer’s defect. Tire tread separation may not sound particularly serious. In fact, most people give very little thought to the tread on their tires. However, if you are traveling on a highway and your tire tread separates, you may hear a very loud noise and then suddenly lose all control of your vehicle. This can cause you to crash into other cars, a median, a tree, or anything else in your path. The injuries you sustain from an accident like this can be severe, and we are here to represent you if you have been in an accident like this. Call Eglet Adams now to set up your consultation. 

What does it mean if I have a tire defect? 

When the manufacturer of your tire did not properly bond the steel belting and tread section of your tire, this could cause the tread to not adhere correctly. There are certain things that could indicate the tire was not manufactured correctly, but many people do not realize this is even something they should be looking out for. A few signs are: 

  • A bump that begins growing in the tread area
  • Feeling that the car vibrates abnormally when you drive it
  • Seriously uneven and worn tread 
  • Cracks or cuts

Fighting Against the Insurance Company

Our product liability lawyer Las Vegas, NV relies on knows that when you bring a claim like this forward, an insurance company may try to point the finger back at you and say you were driving improperly or you were being careless when you were driving. Your attorney will need to gather the necessary evidence to prove that this was a product defect and that it was the manufacturer’s error and not your own. Especially when the manufacturer does not implement proper quality control and tries to get more products out quicker (and ignores safety regulations) tires may not be manufactured properly. The first thing you should do when you suspect a manufacturing error is to call an attorney who can help you throughout the claim process. 

Want to learn more about how we can help you with your claim? Contact a trusted Las Vegas, Nevada tire tread separation lawyer today.

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