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Fatal Truck Accident Lawyer Las Vegas, NVThe Law Office of Eglet Adams, a fatal truck accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV, families turn to during difficult times, has the experience needed to properly represent very delicate cases. When a cherished person loses their life in an accident, it can send the surviving family members reeling in their grief.

When it comes to truck-related collisions in particular, a driver or passenger in a standard-sized vehicle is much more vulnerable to injury or death. Trucks can weigh about 50,000-80,000 pounds. By comparison, a passenger vehicle may weigh about 3,500 pounds. When a crash happens between these two vastly different-sized vehicles, true tragedy can unfold. 

If you want to know how you can honor your loved one’s life and get compensation for your loss by taking legal action against the at-fault party, please do not hesitate to call The Law Office of Eglet Adams today for compassionate and knowledgeable legal services.

How Truck Accidents are Different from Others

Commercial trucks can weigh up to twenty times more than your average passenger car. Despite the rules and regulations in place to ensure drivers do not operate their vehicles for more than ten hours per day, they are frequently given incentives to travel great distances in a short period of time. Because of this pressure and reward system, truck drivers may be too tired or hungry to operate their vehicles safely. This puts others on the road at risk of a serious accident.

Due to the nature of truck accidents and how they differ from crashes involving other types of vehicles, a truck accident lawyer Las Vegas, NV, residents trust strongly recommends getting legal representation as soon as possible. 

Increased Damage to Property

As mentioned above, the overall size of a commercial truck is much larger compared to other vehicles on the road. When something goes wrong, any objects or vehicles in the area around the truck will be affected to a much greater degree than in a collision involving two standard-sized vehicles. 

More Serious Physical Injury

Injuries sustained in truck accidents tend to be more severe and life-threatening. Victims of these accidents can suffer immensely because of their injuries. It isn’t uncommon for victims to need emergency care from the moment of the collision, and on. Recovery for someone who was hit by a commercial truck may take weeks, months, years, or a lifetime. Victims may also have to deal with debilitating injuries that affect their ability to enjoy life. 

If your loved one was killed in a commercial truck accident, please know that you can find the guidance you need from our dedicated legal team. You do not have to carry the weight of this period alone. Let us help honor your loved one by seeking compensation and justice. Call The Law Office of Eglet Adams today to schedule your consultation with a fatal truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada, as soon as possible. 

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