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Car Accident Lawyer Las Vegas

Getting into a car accident is often unexpected and chaotic at best and can leave you looking for a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV. It also brings a host of questions that need to be answered. Who is at fault? Who pays for the damage? Who pays for the medical bills? Can the insurance company reimburse you for your lost wages? 

When it comes to figuring out what to do, an experienced lawyer like those at Eglet Adams to help you through your claim. A car accident is no joke and your case shouldn’t be treated as one. 

Why Hiring a Lawyer is Key

Knowledge of Law and Insurance 

Hiring a lawyer is often the best because they understand the law and the insurance procedures that you have to go through. A car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada, will know about the relevant laws and rules that may affect your case. 

Not only that they can also advise you of any time limits that can prevent you from filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Your lawyer can also inform you about any special exemptions to those rules, like minors for example. Knowing what you can do and when you can do it is important to these cases as if you are too late then you can’t do anything. 

A lawyer also evens the playing field. If you are going up against an insurance company, you shouldn’t be going at it alone. A lawyer will know the tricks that the insurance company may use to try and avoid settling your case against them. 

Lawyers Consider Everything 

There is a lot of work that goes into negotiating insurance settlements and other issues that come with a car accident. A lawyer will understand the ins and outs of everything that needs to be done. This could be your first time dealing with an accident claim, and it can get overwhelming. A lawyer like those at Eglet Adams has gone through the claim process and understands what to do. 

A lawyer will be able to obtain the necessary evidence to support your claim, which can be gathering police reports, witness statements, medical records, and other information that can help your case. In most cases, the hope is to reach a settlement but there are times that can’t be done. 

If your case doesn’t end a settlement then your lawyer can prep the paperwork for a court case. 

Lawyers Advocate for You

One of the most important ways a lawyer can help you is to be your advocate. They will act on your behalf and for your benefit through the whole process of your claim and even court. They will be there to help you through everything and do all they can to make sure your side of the story is heard and you get the compensation you deserve. 

If you have been hurt in a car accident and are in need of a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, then you can trust those at Eglet Adams. No matter the case you can know that you will be heard. 

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents happen for a multitude of different reasons. Many of these reasons come down to human error and making the wrong choice while driving. Other times these situations are completely out of our control when other drivers drive negligently and erratically leading to dangerous situations and crashes. Poor weather conditions, improperly maintained vehicles, and a lack of focus are just a few of the common reasons that car accidents happen. That lack of focus quite commonly comes from individuals who are preoccupied while driving. This is especially found in other drivers looking more at their cell phones than the actual road. If you have been injured by another driver’s negligence, then contacting a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV from Eglet Adams can help you with processing your claim and settlement. Our lawyers have the skill and experience to get you the compensation you are owed.

Avoiding a Car Accident

Avoiding a car accident is certainly something that is possible. Since many car accidents are the result of human error, it’s important to try and cut down on the risk of error. Paying attention to the road instead of handheld devices is one way to reduce car accidents. Another way is to leave adequate spacing between vehicles and slowing down in heavy traffic. When people are in a rush and trying as quickly as possible to get from one destination to another, this can lead to problems. A stressed driver who is driving quickly to a destination could overlook other cars around them and even ignore stop signs or blatantly ignore roadway safety. If a driver has done these actions and it’s led to an accident with you or a loved one, then it’s crucial to get help from a Las Vegas, NV car accident lawyer once you are ready to start your claim. Damages and other compensation may be available to you due to the circumstances of your case.

Damages in a Car Accident

Damages, or in other words compensation, are something that a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV can help you to secure from your accident. Some of the expenses or damages included could be:

  • Medical bills & doctor’s visits – These types of bills can add up over time, but getting the treatment is important.
  • Lost income from missing work – Injuries can sometimes leave people missing work for a short to a long period of time.
  • Pain & Suffering – The amount will depend upon your specific situation.
  • Property damage compensation – This could come in the form of paying off your vehicle or other property involved in the accident.

These are just a few of the things that your lawyer can help you secure. Contact Eglet Adams today to assist you with your case and to receive the compensation that you deserve. Other drivers acting negligently and disregarding your safety is unacceptable. They should be held accountable for what they have done to you and to prevent it from happening to other drivers. Our lawyers are standing by reading to build a strong strategy for your case.

Accidents Caused by Driver Fatigue

Everyone gets tired when they drive, but if you’ve been injured because of a tired or unsafe driver, you should contact a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada. The right lawyer can help you secure some much-needed financial compensation, and if you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to pay for your recovery out of your own pocket.

One of the most frequent causes of car accidents is driver inattention, and unfortunately it’s totally preventable. With all the luxury and entertainment features in cars, it’s easy for a driver to get distracted. However, one of the most common sources of distraction or inattentive driving is just old-fashioned driver fatigue.

What is driver fatigue? And how do you prevent yourself from putting other drivers at risk? Read on to learn a little more about driver fatigue, and see how a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV can help.

About Driver Fatigue

Have you ever had to blast music to keep yourself awake on a long drive? Or maybe you needed to open a window up to get some cold air. If your eyelids have ever felt heavy and you kept yourself driving for just one more mile, you experienced driver fatigue. Driver fatigue is exactly what it sounds like: Driving sleep-deprived, or driving tired. And it’s dangerous.

If you’re tired and behind the wheel, you’re dangerous. But it’s unrealistic to expect that everyone is on top of their game, all the time. Everyone has driven tired at some point, but it’s important to avoid doing so. By knowing the warning signs, you can prevent driver fatigue, and responsible drivers can prevent fatigue-related accidents from happening in the first place.

How to Avoid Driver Fatigue

The most basic way to avoid driver fatigue is to just make sure you had enough sleep. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy. Life is complicated, and it’s rare for people to get a full eight hours of sleep before getting back behind the wheel. It’s also important to remember that driver fatigue isn’t only caused by a lack of sleep – sometimes it’s caused by strenuous activities, and even a long day at work could leave you feeling completely tired out during your drive.

Maintaining a healthy diet is also key to preventing fatigue. Nobody wants to drive with a food coma, and as you may have noticed at Thanksgiving dinner, some foods make you more tired than others. Nutrition plays a big role in fatigue, and if you want to be a safe driver you’ll know your body needs to be well-fed before hitting the road.

Certain medications can also cause drowsiness. If you’ve noticed this side effect, it might be time to avoid or change your medication. A doctor can help you find the proper medication for you if the side effects are too much for your day to day activities, such as driving.

And of course (and most extremely) if you feel the onset of driver fatigue, you can find a safe spot to nap it off. This isn’t always easy, and unfortunately it might involve driving a little further to find a hotel, but it’s better than staying on the road when you’re too tired to function.

Contact Eglet Adams Today

There are many ways to prevent driver fatigue, and if a driver is responsible, they’ll take action to avoid driving tired and endangering everyone else on the road. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a fatigued driver, they neglected their responsibility to get enough rest before heading out on the road. And if you’ve been involved in an accident caused by an neglectful driver, you deserve financial compensation.

Reach out to Eglet Adams today, and see how a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV can help.

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