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People often buy sport utility vehicles (SUVs) because they want to protect their families. They are told that SUVs are safer — that because they are larger, they can better withstand the impact of a crash. SUV manufacturers sell customers on this idea, and many people do feel safe in SUVs.

So, it can be especially devastating when SUV rollovers and other SUV accidents lead to a serious personal injury and wrongful death. Many people wonder how the accident could have happened in a vehicle that was supposedly safe. They don’t understand what went wrong and look to the legal system for answers.

SUV Accident Lawyers Serving Las Vegas

At Eglet Prince, our investigations often reveal that there are many things about various makes and models of SUVs that actually make them more dangerous than other, smaller vehicles. For example, the higher centers of gravity on SUVs make them more prone to roll in a crash. When SUVs flip in a rollover accident, the roof design is not always strong enough to withstand the impact, so it crushes in and injures the driver and passengers inside.

Our Las Vegas law firm has the capacity to handle these complex cases. Not only do we hold negligent drivers accountable for actions that lead to crashes, but we also hold product manufacturers and distributors accountable too. By filing product defect cases in courts throughout Nevada, we make manufacturers pay for SUV design defects that injure people.

In the past, we have handled SUV product defect cases related to Firestone Tires on SUVs, including the Ford Explorer. This high-profile litigation caught national media attention when it was discovered that manufacturer knew about frequent tire failure on the vehicle, but took actions to hide this information from consumers.

Our Team Approach to the Practice of Law

We have the capacity to successfully handle these complex cases because we take a team approach to the practice of law. Our lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants and support staff all work together as a team to help achieve the best possible results in your case.

Teams focus on only one practice area, so they gain experience handling cases like yours. Whether your case involves personal injury and wrongful death, commercial litigation and mass torts, it will be handled by experienced professionals selected specifically for the job.

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