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Las Vegas is known for its heavy foot traffic, particularly through areas like The Strip and Fremont Street. Tourists might cross busy streets and through sidewalks, commercial vehicle drivers may be in a rush, and distracted drivers may not be paying attention. Pedestrian accidents can occur as a result.

Nevada Crosswalk Accident Trial Lawyer

At Eglet Prince, we represent tourists and pedestrians who have been seriously injured while walking through Las Vegas. If you have been hit by a car, we can help. Too often, motorists, taxi drivers and their insurance companies work to avoid liability, leaving the pedestrian unable to recover the compensation he or she is entitled to. Our attorneys have the ability to pursue maximum damages, helping you make the fullest recovery possible.

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your injury, please contact our Las Vegas law firm today at 702-450-5400 or 800-760-1852 toll free.

Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Trial Lawyer

Distracted and reckless drivers often fail to see pedestrians, hitting and injuring them in crosswalks and on sidewalks. Outside hotels and restaurants, Las Vegas valet drivers and taxi drivers may whip carelessly through the driveway to quickly pick up passengers. It is easy for them to fail to see those standing in the area.

Additional hazards arise at night as pedestrians walk through Las Vegas’ many neighborhoods. Some are poorly lit, making it difficult for drivers to see them. Other neighborhoods are less secure, presenting additional dangers for those on foot.

Regardless of visibility issues, it is the driver’s responsibility to avoid hitting a pedestrian on a walkway or in a standing area. If you have been struck while walking, we can help. We will review the details of the accident, including any surveillance cameras in the area to pursue maximum compensation your behalf.