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Serious car crashes can happen anywhere, especially dangerous intersections. It can be difficult to tell which are the most dangerous intersections in Las Vegas, Nevada. Depending on which statistics you examine — personal injury records, crash rates, seriousness of car crashes — many intersections have bad reputations.

In the Central Valley, where traffic is dense, it’s not surprising that intersections have the highest number of car accidents. But these accidents are often minor fender benders — not life-changing collisions. Elsewhere in the city, traffic is less dense but moves faster, so collisions at these intersections can be more serious.

No matter how you look at it, some of the most dangerous intersections have included the ones listed below:
(This information may have been updated by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Visit their website.)

  • Tropicana Avenue and Koval Lane
  • Lamb Boulevard and Alexander Road
  • Flamingo Road and Koval Lane
  • Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road
  • Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard
  • Maryland Parkway and Sahara Avenue

Sometimes intersections aren’t dangerous until road construction becomes a factor. When the big equipment moves in and cars are re-routed through a detour, things often become complicated. Confusing signs and poorly marked changes can lead to serious accidents, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. 

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