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The effects of orthopedic injuries can linger for years, even forever. Damage to your knee, hip, foot or limbs can severely limit your mobility. It can also prevent you from returning to work, threatening your income.

Nevada Shoulder Injury Trial Lawyer

At Eglet Prince, we understand the pain and difficulty this brings into your life. Our trial lawyers fight for individuals who have suffered orthopedic injuries, helping to recover the compensation needed and deserved to make the fullest recovery possible and to provide for the future. To arrange an initial consultation, please contact our Las Vegas law firm today at 702-450-5400 or 800-450-5406 toll free.

Knee, Shoulder and Other Orthopedic Injury Causes

These injuries can be caused by a wide range of accidents and incidents, including slip-and-fall accidents and car accidents. Many such injuries occur on the job, particularly those requiring intensive physical labor or heavy lifting.

Orthopedic injuries can include knee injuries, sprains, fractures, dislocated hips and other hip injuries, rotator cuff injuries, broken elbows and joints, and amputation. Often these injuries are in highly sensitive areas, requiring years of therapy and rehabilitation. Even after extensive physical therapy, the affected area may not make a full recovery.

We will assess the nature of the accident and the responsible parties that owe you compensation. We work with a team of medical experts to assemble the diagnosis and opinions needed to substantiate your case and pursue maximum damages.