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There are familiar catastrophic injuries like those suffered in car accidents and on slippery floors. Then there are those that you can barely imagine, like hepatitis and HIV lawsuit cases in which patients are exposed to hepatitis C and/or HIV.

When Care Providers Provide Deadly Disease Instead

You do not think that making a routine visit to the dentist will result in incalculable harm to you or a loved one. But catastrophic injury malpractice cases are not limited to medical doctors. Any health care provider, because we trust them with our bodies, can injure us if they are practicing at a substandard level of care or if they are incompetent.

When such a maddeningly incomprehensible thing occurs, you do not need a lawyer familiar only with dented car bumpers. You need a firm like Eglet Prince of Las Vegas. Our firm has seen it all, and absorbed the lessons of thousands of complex cases. Our trial lawyers offer injured individuals and their families an unparalleled level of sophisticated and successful representation.

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