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Las Vegas Accident Trial Lawyer

Many people rely on elevators as part of their day-to-day routine. We usually don’t expect elevator accidents to occur, resulting in pain and injury. When failure or defect occurs, however, the results can be significant.

Nevada Elevator Injury Trial Lawyer

At Eglet Prince, we advocate for individuals and families that have been hurt or injured by a defective or poorly maintained elevator. Our attorneys will closely review the maintenance logs that the building managers are required to keep to determine if the proper upkeep has occurred. We will also look into the qualifications of those maintaining the elevator.

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Elevator Accident Causes

Diligent and proper maintenance of elevators is essential. These machines carry us tens, if not hundreds of feet up from floor to floor. Oversight or negligent maintenance in the upkeep of these systems can result in devastating drops and injuries. This maintenance must be done to both the mechanical systems and the electrical systems that conduct the operation.

It is also possible for the elevator to become stuck between floors. This often requires emergency and dangerous rescue operations, during which passengers may be injured.

The elevator may not be entirely stuck between two floors, but rather simply offset enough to create a tripping hazard. Tripping injuries can result in painful and damaging falls for those entering and exiting the elevator.

We will determine if parts or systems within the elevator were poorly manufactured. If there are product defect issues contributing to the accident, we will pursue the appropriate companies and manufacturers.