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People have a responsibility to look where they are going, but accidents on another’s property may be unpreventable — especially when property owners fail to protect guests on their property from harm.

At the Las Vegas law firm of Eglet Prince, we often represent people who have been injured due to accidents on another’s property by filing premises liability lawsuits in Nevada courts. These effective lawsuits hold property owners accountable for the harm caused when others are injured on their property.

There are many ways injuries occur:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents caused by spills, slippery floors and sidewalks
  • Defective railings and stairs
  • Swimming pools that are not properly fenced, locked or maintained
  • Attacks in casinos, hotels and shopping areas that should have been prevented
  • Amusement rides that are improperly maintained or defective
  • Fires, explosions and electrical accidents
  • Dog bites and attacks

We represent people who were hurt in casinos, hotels, restaurants, stores, schools, public places and private homes. We tailor our approach to the facts of your case and the laws that apply, using proven legal strategies that achieve results.

We have represented many people who have been injured on the property of others. One of our clients was a woman who was injured when she slipped in a Nevada grocery store. We recovered $11 million in compensation for her, which helped her move forward after experiencing serious injuries.

Las Vegas Catastrophic Injury Trial Lawyers

Many of our clients live right here in Nevada. Others were injured while visiting Nevada from other places throughout the United States or internationally. Regardless of where you are from, we offer effective and convenient representation.

If you live out of state, you should know that matters can often be handled without requiring you to return to Las Vegas. We often use the latest technology, including e-mail and video conferencing, so that we can communicate with you easily and often.

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