Who’s Liable in a Multi-Car Collision?


Whenever you’re in a serious accident, it’s bad enough dealing with the pain and injuries you’ve suffered, but it’s worse when it’s a multi-car pileup and you don’t even know who can be held responsible. You try to file an injury case and it seems like everyone is blaming everyone else. Some might even be blaming you.

How can you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you’ve suffered, when you don’t even know who to hold responsible? You need the right knowledge and understanding of how the law works so you can cut through the arguments and collect the damages you deserve. Discover some important information regarding who can be held liable when a multi-car collision occurs, and how an experienced attorney can help your case.

Multi-Car Accident Cases

Whenever more than two cards collide in a chain of rear-end incidents, this is the definition of a multi-car accident. Usually they occur due to the nature of the collision itself—when the first two cars impact, the sudden stop results in a third, then a fourth, and so on. While these cases can sometimes be the result of a single driver’s carelessness, they often are the result of negligence on the part of multiple drivers. This can make pursuing a case difficult.

Exchanging Information

Just as with any accident, the first thing you should do is exchange information with every other driver involved in the incident. You should also document the site in as much detail as possible, talk to witnesses and get contact information, and take photos of the scene. Naturally, you should also call for medical help and ensure that everyone gets looked over.

Determining Fault

Determining fault in this kind of accident can be very tricky. If one driver admits to having been distracted, that driver may be held responsible for all those behind them. Likewise, issues like drunk driving and aggressive driving can help to pin fault. However, if there are issues in play like inclement weather, or construction, things can get tricky.

In most cases, the jury will hear all the evidence and divide fault among the drivers involved in the accident. This can include the plaintiff, in some cases. In Nevada, the state operates on a concept of contributory negligence; this means that as plaintiff, your award will be reduced by the degree of fault you share. Thus, if you suffer 25% responsibility and the award is $100,000, you will get $75,000. Likewise, if you are more than 50% responsible, you may not collect any damages at all.

Call a Car Accident Attorney

When it comes to multi-car collision cases, your best bet is to contact a qualified Nevada car accident attorney. An experienced attorney knows how to cut through the difficulties and get you the full compensation you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, lost future earnings, emotional trauma, loss of relationships, pain and suffering and any other injuries you suffer.

In Nevada, your best option is the injury lawyers at Eglet Prince. For a free consultation on your multi-car collision case, contact our offices today.