Q&A With Eglet Adams Boyd School of Law Intern Andrea Killebrew

A portrait photo of Andrea Killebrew, Eglet Adams Intern

Eglet Adams is committed to giving back to our community. In addition to supporting many charitable organizations, the firm places a strong emphasis on nurturing the next generation of legal professionals attending the William S. Boyd School of Law.

Since 2013, Eglet Adams has offered an annual scholarship and internship to a third-year William S. Boyd School of Law student. The scholarship provides a student’s third-year law school tuition and books, and the year-long internship provides hands-on opportunities for the recipient to gain practical legal experience as they embark on their professional journey.

Andrea Killebrew has been selected as the recipient of the 2023-2024 Eglet Adams scholarship and internship. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Andrea attended San Diego State University on a lacrosse scholarship, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in biology.

As a law student, Andrea actively participates in the Society of Advocates Mock Trial Team and was recently honored with the Outstanding Advocate Award for her exceptional performance at the Hofstra Medical Legal Mock Trial Tournament in New York City. During her time at Boyd, Andrea particularly excelled in her administrative law course, earning a CALI award for achieving the highest grade in the class. Additionally, Andrea was recognized on the fall 2022 Dean’s List, an accomplishment given to those with a grade point average of 3.5 or above.

Andrea is the daughter of prominent Las Vegas attorney Antonia “Nia” Killebrew. In her 40 years of practice, Nia has represented clients in obtaining numerous million-dollar recoveries in medical malpractice and general civil litigation cases. It is evident that Andrea is following in her mother’s footsteps and is on her way to making an impact on the Las Vegas legal community.

Read the Q&A segment below to learn more about Andrea, her experience at Eglet Adams, and what she hopes to accomplish during her internship.


Q&A with Andrea Killebrew

Q: As a third-year student at UNLV Boyd School of Law, what were your expectations coming into this internship, and how do you envision this experience impacting your law school journey?
A: I feel truly privileged to have the opportunity to intern at Eglet Adams during my final year of law school. My initial expectations align with the typical responsibilities of a legal intern, which include conducting research projects, preparing memos, and gaining insights through the guidance of experienced attorneys throughout the firm. I am confident that this internship will equip me to become a stronger advocate by providing me with a firsthand understanding of actual legal challenges attorneys face and, in turn, how they advocate and counsel different individuals who have suffered harm or injury.

Q: Can you describe any unique opportunities or projects that you’ve been exposed to that are helping you gain practical insights into the legal field?
A: One unique project I was tasked with entailed reviewing sub-rosa footage and analyzing it in relation to prior statements made by a party involved to determine the potential admissibility of this footage as impeachment evidence during a trial. Prior to my internship here, I had little knowledge of what sub-rosa was and its significance in legal proceedings. This project illuminated the importance of the discovery phase in litigation and has taught me the necessity of continuously supplementing one’s discovery as the case unfolds.
A unique opportunity I had was joining the Eglet Adams firm on their retreat to Napa Valley, California. Although I had only been in the office for a few days before the retreat, I was warmly welcomed by everyone and treated as if I had been here for years. During the retreat, I had the opportunity to speak to various lawyers and staff about what challenges and obstacles they’ve overcome to get to where they are today. This helped me learn that even the most accomplished lawyers had to start somewhere, and that hard work, honesty, and humility can take one a long way in the legal profession.

Q: What specific legal skills or personal qualities do you aspire to grow and refine as you progress through this internship, and how do you plan to work towards achieving those goals?
A: As I progress in my internship, I am committed to improving my legal research and writing skills through continuous practice, actively seeking input and guidance from experienced attorneys, and reading exemplary legal documents and pleadings. Additionally, I aim to refine my communication and oral advocacy skills by observing meetings and legal proceedings, participating in networking events, and asking questions along the way.

Q: What advice would you give to UNLV Boyd School of Law students who may be considering applying for this scholarship and internship opportunity in the future?
A: I would advise them that the opportunity to intern at one of the best civil litigation firms in the nation isn’t offered to everyone, so they would be remiss if they didn’t go for it. The generosity and support that the partners at Eglet Adams have offered is second to none. Receiving a scholarship for your third year takes the financial burden away, and helps you focus more on building the skills and relationships necessary to succeed post-graduation. I would also advise them to work as hard as they can during their first two years of law school, and to put themselves out there as much as possible. This includes joining clubs and auditioning for teams such as the Society of Advocates Mock Trial Team.

Q: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals for your internship, and how do you see this experience preparing you for your future career as an attorney?
A: As an intern, I aim to maintain a sense of curiosity and absorb every piece of advice and feedback that comes my way. The opportunity to learn from the partners and associates at Eglet Adams will undoubtedly enhance my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, as well as my written and oral advocacy skills. The firm’s outstanding reputation and track record of success leaves no doubt in my mind that it is the perfect environment for my journey toward becoming a successful trial attorney.