MGM sues more than 1,000 victims of Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre

Mandalay Bay

Within days of evidence coming to light that in 2014, there was a guest with multiple assault rifles on a high floor at the Mandalay Bay, MGM and Mandalay Bay have filed two separate Federal Court lawsuits in California and Nevada. In an unprecedented move, MGM has sued over one thousand 1 October victims, included those who were shot and family members of those who were killed.

In their Complaints, MGM alleges that the SAFETY Act (6 U.S.C. §§441-444) prohibits any potential lawsuits against them. Instead, MGM alleges that under the SAFETY Act, the 1 October victims are limited to only suing Contemporary Services Corporation ("CSC"), a company who provided the security services at the Las Vegas Village concert venue.

Regarding the 1 October victims, MGM's lawsuit states that those injured were "inevitably injured both because Paddock fired from his window and because they remained in the line of fire at the concert. Such claims inevitably implicate security at the concert-and may result in a loss to CSC."

"MGM has done something that in over 30 years of practice is the most outrageous thing I have ever seen," Plaintiff attorney Robert Eglet said. "They have sued the families of victims while they're still grieving over their loved ones. I believe that MGM did this because they did not like the Nevada Federal Judge that is currently assigned to our case." Eglet represents 1 October victims in a lawsuit against MGM and Mandalay Bay that is currently pending in Nevada Federal Court.

The MGM Complaint does not mention the fact that CSC did not provide any security services at the Mandalay Bay on the night of the shooting, or the days leading up to October 1. Although video footage shows Mandalay Bay employees assisting the gunman in bringing his arsenal of weapons to his 32nd floor suite by using the service elevator, MGM's Complaint is noticeably silent regarding the security or lack thereof at the Mandalay Bay.

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