Trial Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Trial Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

What Does a Trial Lawyer Do?

Trial Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

A trial lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada is a valuable ally, no matter what kind of legal challenge you may be facing.

When most people think of lawyers, they immediately think of courtroom drama and complicated legalese – but in reality, most legal cases don’t even make it to the courtroom. Trial is expensive, time consuming, and stressful for many clients, so most people try to avoid trial at all costs. They’ll usually settle out of court, instead: Plea deals, or reaching some kind of resolution during pre-trial.

However, there’s always a chance a case will make it to trial, and there’s always a chance that the trial will make or break a legal case. In the rare case your legal battle makes it past all the alternative solutions and goes to court, you’ll need to make sure you have a lawyer you can trust who can fight on your behalf.

Wait a minute – I thought I already had a lawyer.

You may already have a lawyer handling your case, but if your case ends up in a courtroom, you’ll need a trial lawyer as well. All trial lawyers are lawyers, but not all lawyers are trial lawyers. Most legal action takes place behind the scenes, but your trial lawyer represents you if and when your case makes it to court.

A trial lawyer will fight on your behalf in front of a judge and jury, just like in the movies and on TV. However, they have plenty of work to do outside of the courtroom as well. When you reach out to a trial lawyer in Las Vegas, NV, you’re getting a qualified legal representative who handles plenty of paperwork when they aren’t arguing your case in front of a judge.

Trial lawyers need to interview witnesses and review files. They have to submit the necessary documents to the court, and they need to learn all they can about your case before they step into the ring with the lawyers from the opposing party. All this paperwork can take weeks – or even months – and it’s important to know you’re in good hands before your case goes to trial.

Does my other lawyer still work on my case?

If you took your case to another attorney, such as a criminal defense attorney or a family lawyer, they’ll still be on your side. However, they may not specialize in trial, so a trial lawyer will be brought on board to help you with your case. While your previous attorney is still attached to your legal case, they’re handing the controls over to your trial lawyer for the courtroom drama.

It can be complicated keeping all the members of your legal team on the same page, so it’s important to contact a trial lawyer with plenty of experience. That’s where Eglet Admas comes in.

Reach out to Eglet Adams today

At Eglet Adams, we understand that every case is different, and we understand that every legal battle can take several months of preparation before reaching trial. While most cases don’t make it to trial, it’s important to have the best legal team on your side, and Eglet Adams is here to help.

Unlike other lawyers, we offer personalized case management and support from day one to the closing statements – and beyond. If your case hasn’t been resolved and is inching closer to trial, don’t hesitate: Contact a trial lawyer in Las Vegas NV today, and see how Eglet Adams can help.

No one expects to get arrested. Showing up to jail or court can be extremely jarring, and facing the potential consequences of a criminal conviction can be a terrifying experience for anyone. Without qualified legal help, the process and procedures can railroad a defendant into the harshest penalties possible, regardless of justice or fairness. You need a Las Vegas, NV trial lawyer who will work with you to explore your options, develop your defense, and make sure you are treated fairly and appropriately by the police, the prosecutors, and the court.

Eglet Adams law offices offer expert, discreet legal assistance and knows when to negotiate, when to plea, and when to fight. They will take your case all the way from investigation through trial if that is what is necessary to get you the best result possible. 

What to Do When You Get Arrested

  1.     Remain as Calm as Possible

We know that being arrested can be one of the most frightening and anxiety-inducing experiences of a person’s life, but it is important to remain as calm as possible and to think clearly and logically about your next steps. Do not make any rash decisions or choices, and know that the very first action you should take is to call your Las Vegas, NV trial lawyer.

  1.     Call a Las Vegas Trial Lawyer

You have the right to call a lawyer according to the U.S. Supreme Court and you should take advantage of that right as soon as possible. Your trial lawyer can discuss your case with you immediately and plan for the next steps in your case.

  1.     Remain Silent Until You Call a Las Vegas Trial Lawyer

No matter what the police say to you, Eglet Adams law offices advice that you avoid talking and remain silent. The police cannot hold your silence against you, but they can use any and all statements you make against you when determining criminal charges and building a case against you.

By remaining silent, you can determine the best way to frame your defense with an experienced trial lawyer in Las Vegas, NV.

  1. Comply with the Arresting Officer as much As Possible So That You Do Not Face Resisting Arrest Charges

When we say you should comply, we do not mean that you should speak or make a statement if the arresting officer asks you to do so. Rather, you should avoid trying to physically fight the arrest, and you should avoid trying to run away from the arresting officer. If you attempt to get away or to resist the arrest, you could be charged with resisting arrest.

  1. Do Not Give Consent to a Search

Regardless of where the arrest occurs, the police might ask to search your motor vehicle, your home, your hotel room, or elsewhere. Do not agree. You do not have to consent to a search, and whatever the police find could result in additional charges.

Contact A Las Vegas Trial Lawyer

Facing criminal charges in Las Vegas can be confusing, intimidating, and alarming. Las Vegas has a reputation for arrests. Many tourists to the casinos on the Strip find themselves enjoying their vacation one moment and arrested the next for a criminal offense under Nevada law. While the Strip and surrounding areas in Las Vegas have many opportunities for tourists and residents alike, it can be easy to get carried away with the culture of the region.

At Eglet Adams, we know that people are wrongly accused of crimes every day, and we also know that people make mistakes and deserve to have experienced counsel to assist with a defense. Our experienced trial lawyers in Las Vegas, NV represent our clients aggressively while still remaining compassionate. One of the most frustrating issues surrounding criminal charges in Nevada is a lack of clarity about how the criminal law process works. Contact us today to learn more and get the right representation.

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