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Las Vegas Slip and Fall Law Firm Las Vegas Slip and Fall Law Firm

As fun as swimming pools are, Eglet Adams, a Las Vegas slip and fall law firm, shares that they can also pose some dangers. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of accidents that occur around pools. Slipping and falling on the ground can result in head injuries, broken bones, cuts, and other injuries. While it may not be possible to avoid every accident, there are steps you can take to minimize your risk.

The professionals Eglet Adams, a Las Vegas, Nevada slip and fall law firm, share some tips on how to avoid slip and falls at swimming pools:

Avoid Running

Very few people dry off before getting out of a swimming pool, so the areas around it will be very slippery. That’s why you should always walk slowly and cautiously around a pool. If you start running and not pay attention to the slick surfaces, you will be in danger of slipping and falling and getting hurt.

Don’t Engage in Any Horseplay

If you are at a swimming pool with your friends, you may be tempted to engage in some horseplay. While it might seem like harmless fun, a slip and fall lawyer Las Vegas, NV relies on shares that it can increase your risk of getting hurt. If you are busy roughhousing, you won’t be able to pay attention to your surroundings and may slip and fall. To avoid all of this, resist the urge to take part in horseplay around a pool.

Wear the Right Shoes

Before you head out to the pool, make sure that you are wearing proper footwear. Shoes with non-slip soles can prevent you from slipping and falling. If you put the right shoes on your feet, you will be less likely to get hurt.

Be Aware of Tripping Hazards

When you are walking around a pool, Las Vegas slip and fall law firms suggest that you take a look at the ground around you for possible tripping hazards. If pool toys, towels, and other items aren’t put away correctly, others are in danger of tripping over them and getting hurt. If you identify any tripping hazards, you should let the swimming pool owner know right away.

Notify the Owner About Wet Surfaces

If the area around the pool is excessively wet, it’s a good idea to let the swimming pool owner know about the condition right away. Tell him or her that the excessive wetness is a hazard and should be addressed. Doing this can prevent accidents and the need to contact a slip and fall law firm in Las Vegas. 

Don’t Carry Too Many Items at Once

If both of your arms are filled with towels, glasses, flotation devices, and other items, you may have a more difficult time walking around and can slip and fall. That’s why you should only carry one or two items at a time at a pool.

If you suffered a slip and fall accident at a swimming pool, you should contact Eglet Adams, a Las Vegas slip and fall law firm you can depend on. You may be entitled to compensation. Many lawyers offer free initial consultations, so there is no risk in setting up a meeting with a Las Vegas slip and fall law firm today.

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