Bike Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

Bike Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

bike Injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NVOur team of bike Injury lawyers in Las Vegas, NV at The Law Office of Eglet Adams can imagine how much financial and physical turmoil you may be enduring after being hit by a car driver. When riding a bike, there are plenty of threats that present you on the roadway. The biggest of those threats is obviously cars and the people who use them recklessly. Sadly, bicyclists can suffer immensely because a car driver was being careless.

Please know that as you handle the aftermath of this incident, you can get the help you need from a bicycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas, NV. It is our mission to protect victims and fight for the compensation they deserve.

Always Call 911

Many bicyclists may make the mistake of letting the car driver leave and not reporting the incident. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to recover monetary restitution from the at-fault driver if you don’t have their name and contact information. In the shock of the moment, you may say you are okay when you really aren’t. Then, you may look back and wish you had done things differently.

Additionally, you will want the officer to file a report of what happened as an element of proof in your case. If the officer asks for your statement, stick to the facts of how things unfolded through your perspective. When you visit your local law enforcement office to get a copy of the report, be sure to give a copy to your NV bike Injury lawyer in Las Vegas too. 

Lastly, if you don’t call 911 then you may not get the medical attention you need for serious injuries that are brewing underneath the surface. Devastatingly, some bicyclists may not realize to the extent they are injured until it has turned into a life-threatening emergency. Because things can be confusing and complicated during this time, a bike Injury lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada strongly advises getting legal counsel from The Law Office of Eglet Adams. 

Talk with Witnesses

If bystanders came over to help you at the scene of the bike accident, don’t be too shy to ask for their name and contact information. Perhaps they had seen the driver ran a red light, failed to halt at a stop sign, or otherwise break a law that led to you getting hurt. These witness testimonies can be hugely influential to your claims. Otherwise, it will just be your word against theirs in court.

The more proof and the more witness statements you have that support your story, the more likely you are to get the restitution you need to recover. Your Nevada bike Injury lawyer in Las Vegas can reach out to these witnesses for an official testimony, so you don’t have to obtain one at the scene. 

If you were hit by a car driver while riding a bike, call a Vegas, NV bike Injury lawyer today to schedule an appointment at The Law Office of Eglet Adams

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