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Workplaces can often be the location for all kinds of hazards and injuries. While on-the-job workplace injuries are generally covered directly through workers’ compensation between the employee and the employer, there are certain circumstances where the injured employee has additional options.

Nevada Workplace Accident Trial Lawyer

If you have been hurt on the job, it is important that you consult with skilled legal representation that has the understanding of these accidents needed to determine if additional liability is at play. At Eglet Prince, our trial lawyers offer an honest and experienced assessment of your accident. If anyone else involved in the accident is at fault, we will give you a clear understanding of your options and pursue maximum damages to help you make the fullest recovery possible.

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Las Vegas Workers’ Compensation

Labor laws require that employees be paid workers’ compensation for all work-related injuries, with neither the employer nor employee being found at fault for the accident. There are certain circumstances, however, where the injured employee may seek compensation from a third party that contributed to the accident. These can include outside contractors, machinery manufacturers and anyone else involved in the incident that was not directly a part of the employer-employee relationship.

We also represent individuals who happened to be in the vicinity of the accident and were also hurt. Many times, these are pedestrians, other motorists or someone associated with an employee. We will carefully determine if you have a case against the responsible party.