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A young man was riding his motorcycle when the gas tank exploded, leaving him with third-degree severe burns over 90 percent of his body. Amazingly, he overcame the odds and survived. We took his case. Our investigations revealed that the “protective” clothing he was wearing at the time of the accident was not protective at all. In fact, it actually caused the fire to spread. We were able to help him recover a $41 million jury verdict against the clothing manufacturer.

In this case and in others we have handled, we were able to see how — more than any other type of injury — serious burns can change the lives of accident victims. That’s why the Las Vegas severe burn injury trial lawyers at Eglet Prince forcefully advocate to hold negligent actors and their insurance companies accountable for the harm caused.

We know that burns are physically and psychologically devastating, not only to the injured person but also to his or her loved ones. Families are often overwhelmed when a loved one suffers, and they turn to us to make things right.

We are dedicated to living up to our clients’ expectations. As an established  catastrophic injury law firm, several of our largest verdicts have involved burn injuries. We have the capacity to handle many different burn injury cases, including ones caused by e-cigarette battery explosions, boat explosions, truck accidents, industrial explosions and defective products.

Sending a Clear Message to Defendants — Negligence Will Not Be Tolerated

As experienced trial lawyers, we are well equipped to handle high-stakes burn injury cases. Our clients have lost nearly everything and they depend on us to speak for them in Nevada courts.

By telling their stories to juries and judges, we help hold wrongdoers accountable for the negligence that caused these life-changing injuries. When juries return favorable verdicts, they do two things: They give our clients the resources necessary to move forward with their lives. But more than that, they send a clear message to defendants — that their behavior will not be tolerated. This helps prevent the same kinds of harm from happening to others in the future.

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