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Cranes are essential to many construction operations. They can be dangerous, however, due to their enormous size and the complex nature of the system. The construction company is responsible for keeping both its workers and those in the area safe from any potential defects or failures by the crane that may cause accidents and crane injuries. When it fails to do so, the results can be grave.

Nevada Construction Accident Trial Lawyer

At Eglet Prince, our trial lawyers represent injured individuals and their families as they seek to hold the construction company responsible for its negligence. If you or a family member has been injured by a crane accident, whether as a construction worker or merely someone in the vicinity, you should consult legal representation. At Eglet Prince, we will fight to bring you closure and the fullest recovery possible.

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Construction Crane Accidents In Nevada

Accidents often occur when a boom or crane comes in contact with an energized power line. Rigging accidents can also result in dropped loads. Other accidents include:

  • Overturned or capsized cranes
  • Outrigger use
  • Crushing due to the counter-weight
  • Boom collapses
  • Under-the-hook lifting failures
  • Falls by operators or workers
  • Defective parts collapsing

Many people are also hurt each year when cables or straps snap free, wreaking havoc. This can set off a chain reaction of failures, falls and drops.

Construction workers are often at the greatest risk of being hurt in crane accidents. Crane operators can be in danger of machinery failure or loads swinging back. Other workers in the work area can be hurt by the fallout of crane failure.

Often cranes are used in close enough proximity to the public that non-workers can also be at risk. This includes drivers on the freeway, pedestrians and homeowners. The construction company is under obligation to ensure that its equipment is not a danger to those around it.