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Closed head trauma can easily go undiagnosed, triggering long-term symptoms and conditions. Mild and moderate traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are not always caused by serious impact or blunt trauma, so many people do not suspect that they have been seriously injured and may never seek diagnosis or treatment. Moderate TBIs can even include mild concussions.

Nevada Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Trial Lawyer

Brain injuries can be caused by sharp accelerations or decelerations, sheering injuries and slight impact. If you have suffered one of these accidents, you need to seek medical and legal assistance as soon as possible, even if you do not think you have been injured.

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Las Vegas Head Injury Trial Lawyer

Though the injury may not be apparent, people around the injured individual often notice behavioral differences as the person shows mental symptoms, such as chronic forgetfulness, atypical irresponsibility, mood changes or problems carrying on a conversation.

As we evaluate your case, we look for symptoms like these. If you are constantly losing things or forgetting routine tasks, names or facts, there is a good chance the accident caused at least a mild brain injury.

We help injured individuals and their families seek compensation for these injuries. Fault can be extremely difficult to prove, particularly if the individual’s symptoms are seemingly minor and he or she never sought medical treatment. We are highly skilled in these types of cases, equipped to find the medical opinions and diagnosis needed to substantiate your claim.