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Hotels and casinos are at the heart of the Las Vegas economy. Millions of visitors pass through them each year. It is the responsibility of the hotel to keep all visitors and customers reasonably safe from casino and hotel accidents during their stays and use of the casino. This protection should comprehensively cover the visitor, from safe facilities to security.

Hotels are often the scene of slip-and-falls or trip-and-falls. These can occur on slippery surfaces, raised steps, uneven footing and unmarked hazards. A hotel must be vigilant to find these dangers and correct them before someone is hurt. If you have been injured resulting from negligence of a hotel or casino, you have legal options.

Nevada Casino Accident Injury and Hotel Liability Trial Lawyer

There are often reported cases of inappropriate security, whether too much or too little. To one extreme a guard may be over zealous, overstepping his or her bounds and roughing up a guest or the wrong person. In cases of the other extreme, there is insufficient security in the hotel, allowing guests to be victimized by others. Examples can include:

  • False detainment of an innocent person
  • Insufficient training of security personnel
  • Insufficient security in garages and other secluded areas
  • Assault of visitors and individuals by guards
  • Assault of a guest by a third party without response by security
  • Security failing to prevent an occurrence of breaking and entering or theft

These are all situations that should have been prevented by security with proper training. If you or a loved one has been injured, harmed or suffered loss because of improper security at a hotel or casino, there are legal options, and we can help.

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