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Defects and failure of machinery or heavy equipment have the potential to cause significant injury and even death. It is critical that employers routinely inspect these systems, find any mechanical or maintenance issues and quickly repair them before they cause equipment injuries.

It is also the responsibility of the machinery manufacturer to ensure that each product it delivers has been carefully evaluated to find any harmful defects or weaknesses.

Nevada Machine Defect Trial Lawyer

At Eglet Prince, we represent workers and other individuals who have been needlessly injured by defective machinery. Injuries involving heavy equipment are often severe or even life threatening. Our trial lawyers recover maximum damages to ensure that you are provided the most complete recovery possible, as well as closure for your pain and suffering.

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Defective Machinery Accident

Most machinery accidents occur at the workplace, often involving heavy industrial equipment or construction tools. While most on-the-job injuries are directly covered under workers’ compensation, there may be third-party liability issues against the manufacturer of the equipment. We work with a team of skilled experts to determine the exact cause of the accident and how much fault is associated with the design and manufacturing of the equipment involved.

We also represent individuals who may not have been employees but were merely in the vicinity of the accident and hurt. These individuals can seek damages from the company owning the equipment for negligent use and a failure to warn and protect the safety of those in the immediate area.