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Taxis can have a bad reputation in Las Vegas. They are often known as some of the worst drivers in town — speeding and cutting off other drivers, just because cab drivers are in a hurry to make more money.

If you have been injured in a Las Vegas taxi accident, it is critical that you contact the trial lawyers at Eglet Prince as soon as possible. Many taxi cab accidents are caught on video recorded inside the taxicabs. The videos are very useful in catastrophic injury litigation and give your attorneys a great deal of helpful information.

However, taxicab videos are regularly taped over during the course of business — unless lawyers officially request that the evidence be preserved. At Eglet Prince, preserving evidence is one of the first steps we take when handling a taxicab injury case.

We often see taxicab companies do internal investigations to determine who was at fault, and we conduct our own investigations to help achieve the best possible results. This type of thorough approach is necessary to recover favorably for injury victims.

Las Vegas Catastrophic Injury Trial Lawyers Handling Cases Throughout Nevada

Located in Las Vegas, Eglet Prince represents catastrophic injury victims in Nevada courts. Many of our clients live right here. Others were injured while visiting the state from other places throughout the United States and the world. No matter what the situation, we accommodate our clients’ needs to make things as convenient as possible.

If you live out of state, you should know that matters can often be handled without requiring you to return to Las Vegas. We make good use of the latest technology, including e-mail and video conferencing, so that we can handle your case — no matter where you live.

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