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Texting and Cellphone Use Driving Accident

Cellphone use behind the wheel is at an all-time high. In fact, it’s so widespread that states throughout the country are banning it. Still, more than ever before, people are talking on cellphones or even texting while behind the wheel, and their distracted driving leads to serious injuries.

At Eglet Prince, our team of effective trial lawyers advocates forcefully for people who have experienced personal injuries caused by distracted drivers. We have the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to handle cases related to distraction caused by many different factors — texting, talking on cell phones or use of iPods, GPS or onboard computers.

Statistics show that a driver on a cell phone had the same reaction speed as someone who is legally intoxicated, and talking on a phone behind the wheel makes a driver four times more likely to crash.

Handling The Medical Aspects Of Your Car Accident Case

In order to prove your case in Nevada courts, your lawyers must prove a series of things to the jury. They must show that the other driver was distracted behind the wheel and that the driver’s negligence caused your personal injury. Often, many of these issues are resolved prior to trial. In the courtroom, we litigate the damage amount — proving to judges and juries just how serious your injuries are.

To best do this, we have a registered nurse on staff who helps us screen cases and review medical records. When needed, we also have access to a network of physicians who can lend their in-depth perspectives to personal injury cases. We routinely communicate with our clients’ own doctors as well. By working with these medical professionals, we build a complete picture of our clients’ injuries and how those injuries have affected our clients’ lives.

Contact A Las Vegas Distracted Driver Accident Trial Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident and you believe the driver might have been distracted, we can help. As part of taking legal action, we will investigate the other driver’s phone record to see if he or she was talking or texting behind the wheel.

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