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The state of Nevada has strict codes and standards regarding the repair and maintenance of roads. When these standards are not upheld, causing defective roadways, it puts drivers in immediate danger.

Nevada Highway Defect Trial Lawyer

These cases can be difficult to take. At Eglet Prince, our trial lawyers are unafraid to do the intense investigation needed to prepare a successful claim. We will put together the details of the accident, working the appropriate forensic experts to show exactly how the collision occurred and how the improperly constructed roadway directly contributed to the accident.

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Defective Roadway Accident Trial Lawyer

These types of defects and disrepair can range widely, including:

  • Improperly marked roadways
  • Road construction that hinders safe driving
  • Buckling, holes and defects in the road
  • Dangerous walkways over the strip, even involving gaps
  • Signage that is poorly marked or difficult to read
  • Poorly constructed bridges and roads
  • Misdirection on roadways, including improperly placed reflective lines

Las Vegas has many treacherous roadways and walkways. Because of this, the city has a disproportionately high accident ratio in the state.

Our team of trial lawyers has the knowledge to build a case that will hold the state accountable for irresponsible road maintenance and construction. It can be difficult to pursue a claim against the state, but you can be assured that we have the skill and experience needed to fight for you and to recover the compensation you deserve.