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More people are turning to bicycles for recreation and transportation. With this, there are an increasing number of accidents as many motorists are still not trained to see and avoid cyclists.

Nevada Bike Crash Lawyer

The cyclist is almost always at a distinct disadvantage in these accidents given the size difference. Even though the medical and physical damage may be severe, insurance companies often resist awarding injured cyclists the damages they are entitled to.

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Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Trial Lawyer

Commonly, inattentive and distracted drivers cause bicycle accidents. Car and truck drivers often fail to check crucial blind spots and don’t see bicycles as a result. Bicyclists have the right of way, yet many drivers fail to yield to them. Buses are also often guilty of neglecting to look out for bicyclists. Other times, a driver may hit the bicyclist with a door as he or she exits a vehicle.

Danger also lies on the roads the cyclists travel. The city may not have properly maintained bike lanes or path, and the dangerous roadways can result in devastating accidents.

We are also prepared to pursue damages from manufacturers of defective bicycles if those bikes or bike parts contributed to the accident. We will closely evaluate the state of the equipment following the accident, networking with professionals to determine if the manufacturing of the bike is partly to blame.