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$9M Lawsuit Settlement Involving Pizza Hut Shows Importance of Filing a Car Accident Case

Car Accidents March 19, 2018

$9M Lawsuit Settlement Involving Pizza Hut Shows Importance of Filing a Car Accident Case

When a car sent Jeremy Damery flying 70 feet from his motorcycle after striking him near a Pizza Hut parking lot, he wasn’t sure what kind of life he could lead after that point. He spent months in the hospital, undergoing multiple life-saving surgeries to treat his condition. Multiple fractures, including a split pelvis, two […]

medical malpractice attorney

Personal Injury February 2, 2018

A Closer Look at Medical Malpractice

When you go to the doctor, you’re putting your faith in them to protect not just your health, but your life. When a mistake happens and results in the unthinkable—injury or even death—a lawsuit sometimes results. When you get hurt due to the negligence of a healthcare professional, you may be entitled to compensation. However, […]

Who's Liable in a Multi-Car Collision?

Car Accidents January 17, 2018

Who’s Liable in a Multi-Car Collision?

Whenever you’re in a serious accident, it’s bad enough dealing with the pain and injuries you’ve suffered, but it’s worse when it’s a multi-car pileup and you don’t even know who can be held responsible. You try to file an injury case and it seems like everyone is blaming everyone else. Some might even be […]

Las Vegas attorney Robert Eglet and high-school student Jeremy Damery

Firm News November 6, 2017

Pizza Hut pays $9M to settle lawsuit over 2009 Las Vegas crash

As reported on ReviewJournal.com: Updated November 1, 2017 – 7:51 pm Jeremy Damery was two days from starting firefighter-paramedic classes, another step closer to his dream, when a Las Vegas Pizza Hut driver slammed into his motorcycle, nearly killing him. Within an hour of the wreck, the giant restaurant chain sent accident reconstructionists, known as […]

Signs of a Concussion

Car Accidents November 3, 2017

Signs of a Concussion After a Car Accident

An automobile accident can be among the most traumatizing events of your life. Your instincts will tell you to separate yourself from the situation as soon as possible. When your adrenaline is pumping your pain receptors are dulled to maximize your fight or flight response, but this instinct can lead to the worsening of any […]

will my case go to trial

Personal Injury September 25, 2017

Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

It’s oftentimes one of the first things people ask when they file a personal injury suit with their attorney: Am I going to have to go to trial? While some are excited at the prospect (imagining it to be like it is on TV) others are justifiably nervous and apprehensive about going to court with […]

rush hour traffic

Car Accidents September 18, 2017

Rush Hour Traffic Safety Tips

Here’s a pretty incredible statistic: 25 percent of all major car accidents occur while driving in rush hour traffic. Since most people have to drive in rush hour every day, it’s important to engage in safe driving practices. Follow these rush hour traffic safety tips to ensure that every day your trip is smooth, safe, […]

boating accidents

Personal Injury September 8, 2017

7 Ways to Avoid Boating Accidents

Boating accidents can be devastating, causing possibly thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle, and also serious physical injuries. Learn seven important ways to avoid boating accidents, and what to do if you suffer an injury due to someone else’s irresponsibility or neglectful actions. Watch the Weather The first and most important thing you […]

nursing home neglect

Firm News August 31, 2017

3 Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

As our parents and other loved ones enter their golden years, many of us are faced with the uncertain decision of placing them in a long-term care facility or nursing home. But it’s a scary thing having to rely and trust total strangers with their health and well-being. You need to know that the nursing […]

road construction negligence

Personal Injury July 13, 2017

What Constitutes Negligence in Road Construction?

Construction is a dangerous business, not just for the workers, but for anyone who happens to come in contact with the site. Mistakes on road construction projects can be nothing short of catastrophic for the victims. These can result in not just major injuries, but significant liability. However, it’s important to know how to pursue […]