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Prove injury after accident

Blog October 13, 2016

How Do You Prove an Injury After a Car Accident?

Car accident injuries are extremely common in Nevada, with over 1,200 of them reported in 2014 alone according to the Nevada Department of Public Safety. These injuries can often be quite severe, hindering your ability to work while sometimes causing lasting damage, such as a ongoing neck and back pain. Fortunately, injury victims have the […]

hospital medical devices

Blog September 15, 2016

Hidden Danger of Tainted Medical Devices

Tainted medical devices and instruments pose patient safety risks of potentially deadly hospital-acquired infections.

Blog August 26, 2016

Top 8 Signs of Insurance Bad Faith

If an insurance company acts in bad faith and intentionally doesn’t pay a legitimate claim, it may be subject to punitive damages for insurance bad faith.

Blog July 26, 2016

Lawyer Case Referrals

These are many good reasons for lawyers to refer cases and professional referrals are a principal foundation of the practice of law.

product defects and child safety

Blog June 13, 2016

Product Defects and Child Safety

Over the past couple of months there have been at least a dozen recalls on children’s products or product defects that could be harmful to children.

Drone safety and regulations

Blog April 25, 2016

Drone Safety and Regulations

The growth of the drone industry is pushing the need for laws and safety regulations. If flown recklessly, drones could cause serious injuries.

Hoverboard Hazards and Defects

Blog March 31, 2016

Hoverboard Hazards and Defects

Hoverboards, or electric self-balancing scooters, can cause serious injuries due to fire risks from faulty electrical circuitry and lithium-ion batteries.

Red-Light Running

Blog February 4, 2016

Las Vegas Red Light Running

Red light running is a dangerous driving habit and could result in a car crash, serious injury or even death. It’s worth the wait to stop on red.

Dietary Supplements Safety

Blog January 30, 2016

Are Your Dietary Supplements Safe?

Know the facts about your dietary supplements. Learn about FDA warnings, potential tainted products and health fraud scams.

Seat Belts Save Lives Buckle Up

Blog January 23, 2016

Seat Belts Save Lives

Make it a habit to buckle up whenever you drive. It only takes seconds and it could protect you and your passengers from getting seriously injured.